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Many Skeptics Question Covid-19 Mortality Rate Projections

Many people are starting to raise questions about the validity of the assumptions underlying the manner in which infection mortality…

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NBA caves to Authoritarian China

In response to pressure by the Chinese communist regime, the Houston Rockets manager, Daryl Morey, was forced to retract comments…

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Boris Johnson, Brexit and Trump

The rise to power of both president Trump and Britain’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, represent a repudiation of the…

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As Notre Dame Burns, The World Mourns

Notre Dame has been engulfed by flames the monumental spire collapsing as it fell prey to the devastating conflagration that…

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Strike Three For Theresa May’s Brexit Deal

The third time is not the charm for Theresa May. On Thursday, Parliament resoundingly rejected, yet again, May’s third attempt…

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Parliament Deals Theresa May Another Blow

On Thursday, after handing another humiliating defeat to Prime Minister, Theresa May, Parliament effectively closed and locked the door on…

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Theresa May Suffers Second Brexit Defeat

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, suffered another humiliating defeat yesterday, as British lawmakers rejected, for the second time, her attempt…

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Angela Merkel Insists Nations Must Surrender Their Sovereignty

Political problem for Europe is that the voters don’t agree German Chancellor Angela Merkel, an unrepentant trans-nationalist and globalist, again…

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Tony Blair: Brexit Wrecker

The inability of British Prime Minister Theresa May to negotiate an exit strategy from the EU sufficient with which to…

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Theresa May Excoriates Anti-Brexiteer Tony Blair

Oh my. As I noted in an earlier post, among the most prominent member in the ranks of the anti-Brexiteers,…

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