Antifa Mob Gathers Outside Tucker Carlson’s House

Responding to the clarion call to harass and intimidate Republicans where they dine, where they work and where they live, issued by unhinged left-wing Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an Antifa mob gathered outside the residence of Fox News host Tucker Carlson last night and broke the front door while his terrified wife locked herself in a room.

First and most important question: where are the Democratic unequivocal condemnations of the out-of-control Antifa mob tactics? Has any prominent Republican (where are you Mitt?) spoken out about this outrage and asked prominent Democrats to condemn these tactics? This game of disavowal is a long-practiced tactic used effectively by Democrats on Republicans.

Secondly, why haven’t charges been brought for this clear criminal act of attempted breaking and entering in addition to assault (Carlson’s wife fear that she would suffer imminent harm)?

If the police are able to identify and locate the perpetrators, they should immediately be arrested and indicted on the criminal charges referenced above.

Finally, Republicans should tie the increasingly strident and intimidating tactics of the fringe left on Maxine Waters and other Democrats.

What to expect next? Justification for the assault on grounds of Trucker’s White Supremacy and his White Privilege.

Here is a sampling, from Vox’s Matthew Yglesias, of how how other progressives view the assault.

Those Democrats who aren’t completely deranged should worry about these incipient trends that could ultimately impair the party’s prospects in the next election.

I’m waiting for CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to confirm on her show that the assault and break-in at Tucker Carlson’s home was not the action of a mob, but rather a peaceful protest by individuals of good will who were merely expressing their political views.

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