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Why the Mainstream Media is not a “Free Press”

Lost amidst all the uproar and sanctimonious indignation within the mainstream media about Trump’s revoking CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta’s White House pass, is the interesting notion the political media is not a “free” press, but is in effect, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

In my book, How Trump’s Politics Changed the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex, I make the compelling argument that the idea the mainstream media, acts in the capacity of a free press, whose duty it is to report the news to encourage an informed citizenry, is preposterous.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter that describes how the press debased themselves during the election by openly colluding with the Clinton campaign.

The Press Corps: Hillary’s Cheerleaders

Those who earnestly believe Trump is an enemy of a free press, would do well to review and digest the astounding partiality exhibited by the media during the election, including at times, outright collusion with the Clinton campaign. An unbiased analysis of the political media’s Hillary cheerleading will demonstrate Trump was fully justified in treating the press corps with disdain when he assumed office because of the rampant bias and Get-Trump agenda of the mainstream media during the later stages of the election.

During the election, Hillary’s Scooby Doo van was treated by a craven press corps as the 21st century equivalent of the royal carriage. Reporters, on cue, would chase down the vehicle and when Her Majesty emerged, they would hang on to her every word, which due to her ongoing email scandal, were sparse. Hillary peremptorily dismissed journalists, her lips sealed and they welcomed the abuse. Hillary treated her courtiers with appropriate disdain because she knew she was immune from any real probing questions or criticism because those who purportedly speak truth to power, in the end, were all rooting for the home team. The interaction of reporters with a haughty Hillary demonstrated the relationship was one of unrequited love.

At first the media’s love affair was expressed by a blithe indifference to cover stories that would be harmful to the Clinton campaign, or by intentionally mischaracterizing her scandals as nothing more than the rumblings of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Later, when Donald Trump, whom the press treated as a novelty item or an entertaining circus clown, began to threaten Hillary’s return journey to the White House, the policy of a virtual blackout on negative Hillary stories gave way to outright advocacy for the media’s candidate of choice. The more Trump advanced on the inevitable candidate, the more overt the bias against him became. All pretenses of objectivity were jettisoned in order to respond to the clarion call to save the ship when the Clinton campaign began to crater.

Nowhere was this unabashed partiality by mainstream media journalists more apparent than in CNN’s repeated refusal to discuss Bill Clinton’s mistreatment of women. Since it would be difficult to discuss Bill’s aberrant behavior without looking at Hillary’s indispensable role as his enabler, it was not surprising, that CNN news anchors would make it a habit to remind guests on the program who were Trump supporters, that the topic of Bill’s well chronicled mistreatment, philandering and abusive treatment of women, was verboten —especially during the election, when the CNN host’s preferred candidate, was running for president.

A perfect example was CNN anchor, Brooke Baldwin, who repeatedly shut down guests who brought up Bill Clinton’s despicable past behavior. Here is Baldwin in one of her “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” moments. When a guest started to speak about Bill’s womanizing, Baldwin immediately interrupted her and stated that, “We’re not going to air Bill Clinton’s dirty laundry on this show.”

Of course, Baldwin’s blackout on Bill’s past behavior came to an unexpected and ignominious end, when Trump held a press conference before the start of the second debate and proceeded to introduce Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones, all women who had accused Bill Clinton of assaulting them in the past.

Trump was especially loathed by journalists because for the first time, he forced the Democratic Party media to acknowledge and discuss Bill Clinton’s well-known transgressions as a relevant topic during the election

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