Elizabeth Drew’s Fantasy Article About Trump’s Impeachment

File this article under the category of wishful thinking tinctured by the author’s innate and incorrigible bias.

In a recent New York Times article, Elizabeth Drew argues, that president Trumps is in imminent peril due to the revelations/speculations regarding Michael Cohen’s payments to Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence concerning her alleged affair with Trump, long before he was a candidate for president.

Few articles on the subject of the probability of Trump’s impeachment have been written that exhibit the level of profound ignorance on the subject as the commentary written by Drew. Her analysis is a classic case of a liberal who posits an event or the likelihood of an event to be true because they wish it to be true.

Drew’s shaky thesis is that Trump’s impeachment is intractable because members of his own party have decided that the president is too great a burden to the party or too great a danger to the country. The factual basis for Drew’s assertion? Revelations from the recent Michael Cohen investigations have led to,

“The odor of personal corruption on the president’s part — perhaps affecting his foreign policy — grew stronger. Then the events of the past several days — the president’s precipitous decision to pull American troops out of Syria, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis’s abrupt resignation, the swoon in the stock market, the pointless shutdown of parts of the government — instilled a new sense of alarm among many Republicans.”

The Republicans who have expressed alarm are not identified by Drew, nor does she explain how the “odor of personal corruption” surrounding the president constitutes an impeachable offense. Drew doesn’t accept the view that a Republican-dominated Senate would exonerate Trump. And why is this? Because, Drew contends, the political situation is fluid and with each passing day, becomes more perilous for the president,

Stasis would decree that would be the case, but the current situation, already shifting, will have been left far behind by the time the senators face that question. Republicans who were once Mr. Trump’s firm allies have already openly criticized some of his recent actions, including his support of Saudi Arabia despite the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and his decision on Syria. They also openly deplored Mr. Mattis’s departure.

For Drew, the disapprobation from a few neverTrumpers in the Senate is sufficient evidence that the rest of the Republican members will throw Trump to the wolves. Drew apparently hasn’t heard that two of Trump’s most vocal critics, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker will be retiring. Without a scintilla of evidence or reference to a Republican source, Drew makes the astonishing assertion that the GOP is now ready to dump Trump.

For Drew, it will be his fellow Republicans that seal Trump’s fate. Ostensibly, those who had doubts from the beginning concerning the sustainability of his presidency, will now decide that, Trump has become, “too great a burden to the party or too great a danger to the country.” Drew contends that Trump will be axed because Republicans will opt for their own political survival.

In case Drew hadn’t noticed, whether it bodes ill or well, the GOP is Trump’s party. The question as to why, the same members of Congress, who have supported the president on many of his policy initiatives, will now feel obliged to cast him aside is never explained by Drew. But, why should facts and reasoned argument get in the way of Drew’s omniscience?

This isn’t the first time that Drew has fantasized about the political inexorability of Trump’s eventual doom and demise. Back in March, Drew claimed that Stormy Daniels and the tenacity of Inspector Javert, Robert Mueller made Trump’s presidency more vulnerable with each passing day. Drew was certain of Trump’s demise yet again in May.

Here it is January, 2019, and Drew still believes that Trump’s reckoning is right around the corner.

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