Mueller Refutes Buzzfeed Story that Trump Told Cohen To Lie

Another breathless “ unexploded bombshell” Russian Collusion story turns out to be a dud

Emergency crews were called in yet again to defuse another Russian collusion “unexploded bombshell” report

Buzzfeed reported Thursday night that it had first-hand evidence that during the election, president Trump told his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the status of his construction project in Moscow. Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Shep Smith thought it highly unusual that not one other major news organization was able to corroborate Buzzfeed’s story. When this occurs, usually it does not bode well for the veracity of a journalist’s report.

The special counsel’s office came out immediately on Friday with an extraordinary statement casting serious doubton the Buzzfeed’s story as well as the attribution for the claims.

When the Buzzfeed story initially broke, it provoked a feeding frenzy in the Mainstream Media. The usual suspects, CNN and MSNBC covered the story incessantly, claiming that Trump’s impeachment in light of the unverified Buzzfeed report, now was a done deal. Here MSNBC’s Katy Tur, claimed that, “Donald Trump is facing the most damming report to date for his presidency. A story that could lead to his impeachment.”

Other cable TV channels piled on. The Daily Caller gives an excellent recap of the reason why Americans loathe and don’t trust the media,

CNN and MSNBC collectively used the word “impeach” nearly 200 times on Friday before the Special Counsel’s office disputed a bombshell report by BuzzFeed News.

According to a Daily Caller review of TV clipping service Grabien, personalities on CNN and MSNBC used the words “Impeach,” “Impeachment,” or “Impeachable,” 179 times.

The review included only original Friday programming and ran up until each network learned that BuzzFeed’s report was in dispute — shortly before 8 pm.

CNN mentioned impeachment 82 times while MSNBC mentioned it a whopping 97 times.

There have been countless number of Russian collusion stories that have been debunked and shown to be demonstrably false, yet the get-Trump media continues to throw all journalistic standards to the wind in their obsessive quest to derail the Trump presidency.

Based on the media’s incorrigibility, they are too blinded by their Trump hatred to recognize what for everyone else is manifestly apparent: they no longer have any credibility whatsoever and are operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party.

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