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Covington Kids Must Atone for Wearing the Red MAGA Hats

Even though original story has been thoroughly discredited, media refuses to apologize because students deliberately wore hats that symbolize racism and hate

Although the furor generated by the inocuous interaction between Native-American Nathan Phillips and a group of students from Covington High School has subsided, no apologies have been forthcoming from many of the unrepentant media mouthpieces who viciously attacked the students and who defiantly continue to exhibit no remorse.

Here is a sampling of the vitriol, spite and calls for violence against the Covington High Schoolers that escaped from the lips of the progressive intelligentsia:

This from the execrable CNN commentator, Reza Aslan: Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?

— Reza Aslan (@rezaaslan) January 20, 2019.

Not to be outdone by his CNN colleague,

CNN legal analyst Bakari Sellers wanted the boys to be punched.

“He is deplorable,” Sellers tweeted. “Some ppl can also be punched in the face.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro also deleted a tweet that likened Covington parents to paper towels in a toilet.

The fact that CNN hasn’t fired these reprobates, tells one a great deal about that network, the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex and the pernicious nature of progressivism.

The controversy has now entered a new phase whereby progressives now argue that the additional facts that thoroughly discredited left-wing commentators original version of events are irrelevant and of no consequence because the behavior of the Covington kids was nonetheless still deplorable and inexcusable. As such, no retractions by liberal pundits who were part of the Twitter mob are necessary or warranted, because the conduct of these teenagers was still needlessly provocative.

The comments of James Fallows of The Atlantic, provides a useful template to understand how the incident was framed by progressives and why, despite evidence to the contrary, the boys are nonetheless still stigmatized as racists. Fallows, was one of the first progressives out of the box with his unequivocal and harsh condemnation of the students.

For Fallows, one single frame of a white Catholic kid wearing a Make America Great Again hat, smiling in front of a member from one of progressivism’s protected classes, was too much to bear. Fallows likened the Covington High kids to those racist pro-segregationist students who helped block black students from entering Little Rock High School in the 1950’s.

When the facts upon which Fallows indignation was based had been debunked, Fallows’ made no retractions nor any modifications to the original premise of his commentary. The reason? As far as Fallows was concerned, no apology was warranted for the attacks on these sixteen year olds, because they should have known wearing MAGA hats was an inflammatory and offensive display of racism and White Supremacy,

“Whatever happened just before or after the three or four minutes most widely circulated on yesterday’s videos, those three or four minutes convey a reality that seems impossible to deny. For a sustained period, a large group of young men, who had chosen by their apparel to identify themselves with a political movement (and a movement whose leader uses “Pocahontas” as an epithet and recently made a “joking” reference to the massacre at Wounded Knee), act mockingly to a man their grandfathers’ age, who by his apparel and activities represents a racial-minority, indigenous-American group.”

After citing the obligatory progressive dog whistle insensitivities and effrontery such hats represent, Fallows continues,

“Any such encounter has an implicit edge of menace, intended or not, which everyone understands when younger, bigger, stronger males come close to older, smaller, weaker people. Imagine for a moment if it had been a crowd of dozens of black high school boys surrounding an older white man, laughing at him as he sang prayer songs.”

Fifteen year old white kids with MAGA hats standing in front of an elderly Native American should have known their behavior was culturally insensitive and offensive. Therefore, for Fallows, the kids are racists, case closed.

Fallows “updated” commentary demonstrates the intellectual infantilism on which so much of progressive dogma is based. Progressive ideology is based not on any first principles, but rather by relying on wholly conclusory allegations or assumptions that are never subject to scrutiny.

For Fallows and other liberals, wearing a red MAGA hat makes you a racist. But why, you might ask? What is the factual basis for such a sweeping assertion? The answer for Fallows and other progressives is self-evident. The MAGA hat is associated with president Trump and Trump is a racist. Q.E.D.

Following Fallows lead, a whole host of members of the tribal identity politics crowd invoked progressive fallacious reasoning to find the students culpable no matter what additional evidence revealed.

Brian Beutler, writing in Crooked, also asserts that the fifteen year olds should have known that the MAGA hat is universally acknowledged as a symbol of hate and bigotry. Beutler invokes a favorite ideological concept of progressivism: “context.”

“But if context is key, we should draw the lens back even further than the events of this past weekend. There’s a reason these boys, their taunts and their MAGA hats, triggered a mass cultural gag reflex.”

Beutler then invokes the progressive syllogism,

“Trump supporters, young and old alike, recognized a long time ago that simply chanting “Trump!” at immigrants and minorities is an effective way of letting them know they are not welcome. “Build the wall!” chants serve a similar purpose, as do MAGA hats, which are perhaps less implicitly violent than past symbols of intolerance, but still serve as menacing reminders to everyone not in the MAGA tribe of where they stand in the national pecking order.”

Many other pundits, also raised the “red hat as racist” thesis.

The pathetic attempt to justify the robotic, lynch mob mentality response on the part of left-wing journalists and cable TV commentators indicates clearly that rational or reasoned discourse with these ideologues and commissars of political correctness is pointless.

The Covington incident demonstrates clearly that all progressives subscribe to the gospel of The Narrative. The religion of progressivism will brook not even the slightest infraction against its strictures. Those who refuse to follow scrupulously the guiding principles of its faith are “heretics,” who deserve to be burned at the stake, regardless of their age or culpability.

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