Why Democrats Must Force Gov. Northam To Resign

Progressives now starting to eat their own

The progressive dogs of identity politics have been unleashed once again and have targeted (or more accurately, have been forced to target) one of their own.

A picture of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in a Black Face surfaced recently. The photo is from his medical school year book. Northam with his black face costume is standing next to someone in a Ku Klux Klan robe, including the iconic pointed white hood.

Shortly after the picture surfaced, the calls started coming in for his resignation. Republicans condemned the racist photo and calls from Democrats for his resignation followed shortly thereafter.

As the pressure or him to step down mounted, Northam initially refused to step down. Later he issued an apology but stated that he would serve out his term. Shortly thereafter, Northam did a bizarre about face and claimed that the man in the photo was not himself and he again refused to resign.

This incident is illustrative of the ridiculous standard Democrats have imposed on politicians. If Northam must atone for the racist photo taken over thirty years ago, why did the Democratic Party lionize the late Majority Leader, Robert Byrd, who was a bona fide member, indeed, a Grand Wizard, of the Ku Klux Klan. Why is Byrd exempt, yet Northam must be reprimanded?

Because the Democrats have weaponized identity politics with fervor against Republicans, they have now boxed themselves in and must force Northam to resign. Democrats need to capture almost 90% of the black vote to win any local or national elections. The black face is anathema to the party’s rigidly enforced catechism of identity politics, which is entirely based on appearance rather than substantive policy benefits that actually help improve the condition of African-Americans.

His infraction is far more grievous than any alleged infractions or innocuous behavior of Republicans that have spurred the robotic cries of racism. Conservatives and liberals alike both are in agreement: the photo clearly is racist.

The Democratic Party now has a problem on its hands. They have no choice but to force Northam’s resignation by any means necessary. If Northam remains in office, the Democrats political strategy of relentlessly stigmatizing Republicans as racist collapses. Under the Democrats standard, which they wield unforgivingly against conservatives/Republicans, Northam’s claims that he isn’t the person in the photo is irrelevant. The picture was on his yearbook page. Case Closed. Escort the convict to the Guillotine.

For Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam, there is no exit.

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