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National Red Hat Day

The extreme and unforgiving nature of progressive ideology revealed by the Covington incident will prove to be a watershed moment in the nation’s recent political history. In an unvarnished and startling display of group-think, political correctness and identity politics run amok, the irredeemably corrupt nature of the mainstream media was laid bare.

The lengths to which left-wing journalists were willing to go to destroy the lives of 15 year old’s, should worry all Americans. If the progressive Twitter mob had no qualms about meting out a life-sentence to a group of high school students for smiling at a man beating a drum in their faces, then no one is safe from their attempts to slander, to libel and to ruin those whom they deem stray from the catechism of political correctness.

An act of defiance is needed to put a corrupt and biased media as well as the commissars of political correctness on notice that the country has grown weary of the grievance mongering of perpetually petulant progressives, who in alliance with zany left-wing academics, seek to impose tyranny of the minority on the country at large.

What better way to express the disapprobation of Americans appalled by the media’s rush to judgment and subsequent attacks against a group of teens than a national declaration of Red Hat Day. This pronouncement would be a fitting, audacious and thoroughly appropriate response to the Covington madness perpetrated by a venal media lost to shame.

Red Hat Day would rebuke the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex for employing partisan hacks, who, after evidence showed the Covington boys did no wrong, refused to repent and instead, smirked with smug complacency, confident in the knowledge that they would never be reprimanded by their employer(s) who act as the communication organ for the Democratic Party.

Red Hat Day would be a defiant and symbolic act that will send a message to those who believe they can slander any individual with impunity because of perceived slight against members of a “protected class.” In light of the circumstances surrounding the Covington events, particularly equating the red hat with racism, the color of the hat is a potent and powerful symbol. It is precisely because a cabal in the media unilaterally decreed the hat as a symbol of racism with no evidence to support the inflammatory association, that makes the act of wearing it such a potent and provocative symbol of protest.

Those who are not Trump supporters, yet believe in limits to the ability of media progressives to destroy the lives of children, should have no compunction in participating in the protest. Trump is not the subject matter of the disenchantment. The sole purpose of the red hat reproach is to acknowledge the caustic and pernicious effect identity politics has had on our political discourse.

Wearing the red hat would accomplish several necessary goals. It would send a strong signal to the media that the public has tired of their manifest bias.

Those adults in the media who displayed a disturbing animus toward a group of kids whom the law considers minors should be denounced. Based on a perverse belief in their moral superiority, political journalists enthusiastically endorsed a dogma that sanctions, even encourages, the lynching and persecution of 15 year old’s. Members of the media who signed-on to the “off with their heads” zeal included senior political analysts at the major broadcast networks as well as senior columnists/contributors to nationally recognized magazines.

Red Hat Day would call to account those “journalists” whose judgment was clouded by their mistaken belief that members of minority groups need or have knowingly appointed them to function as their proxies. Covington demonstrated that this self-appointed “guardians of the oppressed” mentality inevitably leads to the fomenting of identity politics crises or protests, when in fact, no members of the “protected class” demanded any such accounting.

A national day of disapproval would signify, that many in the country will no longer tolerate progressives unilaterally defining incendiary terms to suit their own their warped ideological needs of the moment. Wearing the red hat would be an effrontery to those who believe that a red hat magically becomes a symbol of hate merely on the say so of zany left-wing academics or their progressive partisan fellow travelers in the media.

Finally, national Red Hat Day would expose the media’s well-known and tiresome habit of using their dog-whistle decoder filters to ascribe hidden motives, racist meanings or subtexts to any word or deed they selectively chose. A smile by a fifteen year old is a smile, not a smirk and is not indicative of a fervently held and hidden ideological animus or spite for all Native- Americans.

Participation in Red Hat Day would symbolize the rejection of such progressive sub-textualization. It would represent a reaffirmation that everything is what it is; that nothing is gained by a confusion in terms and that going forward, words used in our political discourse shall be ascribed their ordinary meanings.

John Kinsellagh is a freelance writer, former financial adviser and attorney. He has served as an arbitrator for the financial services industry for over 25 years.

He is the author of The Mainstream Media-Democratic Party Complex and Election 2016, both available on Amazon. You can read more of his commentary at Connect with him on Twitter @JohnKinsellagh.

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