Democrats Identity Politics House of Cards is Crumbling

As the architects of political correctness start to eat their own in Virginia, the Northam Incident Reveals the Monumental Silliness of Identity Politics

The essence of the Democratic Party’s philosophy (if one can even characterize it as such) for the past thirty years been to assign individuals with a common identity divide the nation into one unified group or “protected class,” whose interests are protected by the Democratic Party by way of grievance-mongering which includes the idea of the sanctity or inviolability of claims of grievance by members in the protected classes; e.g., “you must believe,” Make America Great again hats are racist, etc., etc.

But what happens if a conflict arises between members of two different “protected classes?” Which class member takes precedence?

This dilemma perfectly illustrates political theater of the absurd that is playing out in Virginia is most instructive in demonstrating the self-destructive nature of political correctness that courses through the veins of the Democratic Party. We are witnessing the slow, but inexorable implosion of the Democratic Party, that is now reaping the identity politics conflicts they have sown for years against Republicans. Indeed, Democrats are reaping the whirlwind. That is the comical situation unfolding before our eyes in the Democratic state of Virginia.

Governor Northam, who was declared persona non grata by the identity politics College of Cardinals for a picture in his yearbook the showed him with a blackface. Despite calls to resign, Northam remains defiant. Here is where the fun starts: the next in the line of succession, the Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, who is next in line of succession, has been accused by a college professor, of sexual harassment.

Were Fairfax to be thrown to the wolves, a Republican would ascend to the throne. But the fun is just beginning. The Attorney General, Mark Herring, who forcefully insisted on Northam’s resignation for his racist picture, was caught himself wearing a blackface.

Oh my…

National Democrats are flummoxed. Do they continue to insist on Northam’s resignation knowing that if Fairfax’s accuser, must be believed, which was the standard they insisted for assessing Judge Kavanaugh, if they apply the same standard to Fairfax, he may not survive, thereby handing the governorship to the speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates, Kirk Cox — a Republican.

Additionally, Fairfax, who is black, is also a member of a sacrosanct protected class, so encouraging his disqualification will be construed as racist.

What’s a poor Democrat to do?

What is Kirsten “you must believe” Gillibrand’s position? So far, the woman who wanted to escort Judge Kavanaugh to the guillotine on just the allegation of Christine Blaise Ford, is equivocating on the sentence for Justin Fairfax.

For those of us who warned that Democrats, sooner or later, would be giving each other the Robespierre treatment, watching the show is a delightful affair.

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