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Northam Accused Opponent Ed Gillespie of Racism

Democrats have no shame

In light of the blackface imbroglio engulfing the Democratic Party of Virginia over Governor Northam’s blackface picture, a flashback is in order.

We have heard the denunciations and calls for NOrtham’s resignation form all the prominent national Democrats. It is interesting and ironic to note, that Northam won the governorship in some measure because he maliciously and falsely accused his opponent, Ed Gillespie — a George Bush establishment Republican — of racism.

In a thoroughly despicable act of character assassination and slander, Northam attempted to tie Gillespie to the Charlottesville white supremacists, because of his views on illegal immigrants and his protesting the dismantling of the Robert E. Lee statue, a position many black politicians in the South support. National Democrats heartily endorsed this scandalous campaign chicanery. In short, Northam played the race card with impunity.

Democratic presidential hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris, was one of the first to condemn Gillespie stating, that racism has no place in our politics.

Harris of course, made the statement without acknowledging the supreme irony of her reproach of Northam, for committing what is accepted as bona fide racism, when there wasn’t the slightest bit of evidence to sustain an assertion that Gillespie was associated with, or supported the agenda of the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville.

Just another one of many examples of the supreme hypocrisy that courses through the veins fo the Democratic Party.

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