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The Virginia Democratic Party Train-Wreck Continues

The Democratic Party is now reaping what they have sown at the Kavanaugh hearings

Never before has such a target-rich environment for mocking the extremism of the Democratic Party been presented than that currently provided by the continuing drama in Virginia.

The latest scene from the cast of characters is Lt. Governor Fairfax has refused to step down, despite what is by now unanimous agreement that he needs to step down. Fairfax has proved to be obstinate, though he can make a plausible argument that he is merely following the lead of Governor Northam, who also has refused to relinquish his title.

Fairfax now says that he intends to stay and defend himself against the charges leveled against him. While it is the case, that Fairfax, as a good Democrat, did not argue that Kavanaugh should be afforded any such due process protections that he now claims for himself, it will help to diminish considerably the ludicrous “you must believe” standard they established with Christine Blaise Ford.

The fact that the challenge to this presumption of guilt is coming from a Democrat, will make it all the more potent. Although Fairfax’s sudden discovery of the importance of due process protections for one accused of sexual misconduct is entirely self-serving, those who believe in the country’s traditions of fairness and the presumption of innocence should support Fairfax in his endeavor.

The Democratic Party, perhaps unwittingly, boxed themselves in with the the extremism they demonstrated at the Kavanaugh hearing. Since Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court represented a mortal threat to Democrats need to legislate from the bench, liberals were forced to adopt a take-no-prisoners posture at the hearing.

In order to achieve their objectives, Senator Feinstein used the stale and wholly uncorroborated allegations of Christine Blaise Ford as the vehicle that Democrats hoped would derail Kavanaugh’s appointment.

Given the weakness of Ford’s allegations, that would never have survived a motion to dismiss in any judicial or quasi-judicial forum, Democrats on the committee, were forced to concoct the “you must believe” standard that eliminates all due process process protections granted the accused.

Now, the Democrats are reaping what they have sown and the continuing drama unfolding is a wonderful spectacle to behold, as the practitioners of a corrosive and pernicious identity politics are now in the process of being hoisted on their own petard. While Democrats twist themselves into knots with their pretzel logic as they violate and breach the very standards they themselves imposed on Justice Kavanaugh.

The entire sordid event is showing the country that the Democrats platform of identity politics is an exercise in monumental silliness.

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