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Protected Classes: Membership Has Its Privileges

The Jussie Smollett racist attack hoax is a pivotal moment in our recent political history. It has starkly laid bare, the worst and most pernicious aspects of identity politics and it has exposed the media as nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party. The fraud perpetrated by Smollett makes clear that the succor that drives and sustains the political engine of the modern-day Democratic Party, is grievous mongering on behalf of members of designated protected classes.

Qualifications for membership are based solely on skin pigmentation, gender and sexual orientation. Once an individual meets the criterion for admission, victim and oppressed status automatically and irrevocably accrue. As the Smollett incident tellingly reveals, membership has its privileges.

Since a “protected class” cannot exist in the absence of an oppressor, the only group in the country who can play this role, precisely because they are not members of a protected class, are White men. Anyone who doubts the veracity of this assertion, would do well to revisit the Justice Kavainaugh confirmation hearings. During those proceedings, there was much clatter from Democratic Senators about the menacing nature of whiteness: “White Privilege,” “White Supremacy,” “White Nationalists, etc., etc.

The entire edifice of identity politics, grievance mongering and the privileged treatment bestowed upon members of protected classes, is dependent upon proselytization of what can be called the Narrative. Distilled to its essence, the Narrative is a story told by the Democratic Party and that colors and shapes all reporting by its allies in the media, that is predicated upon a number of myths or fictions, necessary to sustain the underlying and specious premise of identity politics: America is an irredeemably racist and misogynist country. Trump is an undeniable racist, misogynist, xenophobe, white nationalist, Islamaphobe, etc., etc., and so are all of his supporters. As such, when a black man reports that he was attacked by two white men in red MAGA hats shouting racial slurs, a journalistic conflagration will ensue.

For those who believe Smollett’s gambit was breathtakingly audacious and high-risk, consider the following. Smollett knew his status as an oppressed member of a protected class would be treated by the media as inviolable and as such, his credibility would be unassailable. He was also aware the response from journalists and other progressives would unfold exactly as he had envisioned; all participants in the drama would play their assigned roles to perfection. The script had been written long ago; all the players needed to do was recite their parts. For cast members of the media, this story, like the Duke Lacrosse incident, was Academy Award material.

Smollet knew exactly how this game was played and he knew, no matter how implausible his story, the mainstream media would dutifully report the story in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Narrative. Smollett understood the significance of the golden rule embraced by all journalists today: when facts clash with the Narrative, the Narrative takes precedence. In short, Smollett played the media for fools, as he knew, they would react as typecast. They did not disappoint.

In the hierarchy of grievances that support the entire political protected class structure, Smollett was fully cognizant that he would be afforded exalted status, as he was a member of not one, but two identity politics groups, thereby elevating his sacrosanct status and enhancing his credibility. Those skeptical of his tall tale would be subject to double jeopardy.

With all these odds in his favor, Smollett understood the risks for him would be minimal. The media and Democratic players in the drama proved Smollett absolutely correct by the manner in which they responded, at all times genuflecting in front of the altar of political correctness. Given his protected status, can anyone now doubt for a moment, Smollett’s’ unwavering belief that the media would ascribe instant credibility to his fictitious claims?

The fact that the entire episode, as reported, strained one’s credulity and began to unravel shortly after it was reported, was a matter of no consequence for members of the mainstream media, who are nearly all registered Democrats. Since we know that all reporting must follow the Narrative, the facts were completely irrelevant and the “reporting” on the incident incontrovertibly bolsters this contention.

For the media, all instances of reported attacks or discrimination against minorities or other members of protected classes are presumed to be true. Think of the Smollett hoax as the Christie Blaise Ford “you must believe” standard merely transferred to another oppressed member of a protected class.

This story affirms the media’s role is not to report the news, but rather, to proselytize the progressive Narrative. As reporters’ role in this sordid “hate crimes” affair makes clear, it is now beyond dispute that the media and the Democratic Party have merged or melded into one unified entity that can properly be denoted as the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex.

Those waiting for atonement, or expressions of remorse for this journalistic farce by members of the Fourth Estate, are going to be sorely disappointed. Political journalists are not interested in contrition; damage control is their first and only instinct.

Instead of explaining how his colleagues could be so flummoxed, Washington Post columnist, Jonathan Capehart, blamed the distorted reporting entirely on the climate of hate and discrimination inculcated by president Trump. CNN’s Brian Stetler, incapable of even a modicum of introspection, characterized the journalistic malpractice on celebrity journalists and online sites trafficking in peddling rumors, “I think it was mostly in the celebrity press and among activists and among Twitter people. I think it was a really careful reporting by news organizations.”

Stetler’s preposterous and self-serving assertion, beggars the imagination and is conclusive proof that the media is incorrigible, irredeemably biased and incapable of rehabilitation.

In short, as will become manifest in the wake of the scandal, the media will feel no shame, because the media has no shame.

John Kinsellagh is a freelance writer, former financial adviser and attorney. He has served as an arbitrator for the financial services industry for over 25 years.

He is the author of The Mainstream Media-Democratic Party Complex and Election 2016, both available on Amazon. You can read more of his commentary at Connect with him on Twitter @JohnKinsellagh.

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