The Balkanization of the Democratic Party

Ilhan Omar is the model citizen for the new Democratic Party

This week, the Democratic Party earned the dubious distinction of making itself, instead of president Trump, the center of media attention. When the party tried to adopt what should have been a simple resolution to censure the blatant anti-semitic remarks, consistently made by Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, internecine tribal conflict broke out between the party’s loosely knit constituent groups, in terms of who is at the top of the grievance-mongering totem pole.

When the suggestion was made that the party should condemn all subtle as well as overt anti-semitism, members of the party’s hard-left wing erupted in protest and leaped to the defense of Omar, claiming she wasn’t really making offensive remarks and as a “victim” herself, she shouldn’t have to pay penance or homage to American Jews definition of anti-semitism. Others rose to her defense solely on the basis of not wanting to condemn anti-semitism without missing an opportunity to condemn president Trump. Here is how Representative Hakeem Jeffries dodged the issue of Ilhan Omar,

“Nothing good is accomplished by being distracted by issues that divide the nation. We want to bring people together. There are folks in this town who want to tear folks apart.”

Translation: members of the Democratic Party Balkanized coalition are to be afforded “victim” status without review. Conservatives are bound by the standards of “divisiveness” defined solely by progressives, for the unique benefit of members of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, such as Ilhan Omar. The entire anti-semitic condemnation exercise in futility clearly demonstrates that members of the Democratic Party believe they are exempt from the very divisiveness standards they have established and by which Republicans must be bound.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky argued that since Omar comes from another culture she can’t be expected to understand the intricacies of anti-semitism. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had an impossible task on her hands. Pelosi attempted to make the feeble argument that Omar simply didn’t know she was making anti-Semitic slurs.

There was simply no possible way to draft a meaningful measure , the object of which, was the unobjectionable rebuke of Omar. Pelosi’s task was doomed from the start because she was battling a monster of her party’s own creation. Omar was immune from the start, as she was the embodiment of the perfect “victim” for purposes of facilitating the Democratic Party’s new philosophy of grievance-mongering based on attributes of gender and skin pigmentation. Omar has dark skin. Check. She is a woman. Check. She is a minority. Check. She is not a Christian. Check and double check.

As a Muslim, Democrats automatically accorded her the supreme and exalted identity politics status as a persecuted minority (actual instances of discrimination in America not needed). Jim Clyburn argued that given her unique empirical standing, she has even more standing than American Jews subject to anti-semitism. Omar is the new model citizen of the 21st century diverse and inclusive Democratic Party.

Omar is the perfect exemplar of the party’s descent into sowing discord among its various ethnic, socio-economic and geographic constituencies. Were she transgender on top of all her other sterling identity politics attributes, Democrats would insist her bust be carved on Mount Rushmore.

As time passed, the original purpose of the resolution, a strongly worded reprimand of Omar was watered down into insignificance, resulting in a meaningless statement that condemned “all hate,” without mentioning Omar by name. Representative Ted Deutch of Florida best summarized the moment when he stated on the floor of the House “This Shouldn’t Be So Hard”, viz., passing a a resolution specifically condemning anti-semitism. Deutch may want to take note of this moment when the latent fissures of his party became manifest.

This pathetic display of the Democrats inability to condemn anti-semitism, will prove to be telling going forward, as it is indicative of the growing rift within the party between hard-left, inflexible socialist ideologues and those members of the party from the midwest who want to recapture those voters who left the party and voted for Trump. Those red-state democrats and the more moderate faction of the party are going to soon realize that there is no home for them, Pelosi’s entreaties notwithstanding, in the modern day Democratic Party. They will be like the neverTrump wing of the Republican Party, wandering aimlessly in the political wilderness, unwanted by rank and file Republicans.

After this sham exercise was concluded, Omar must have knows she would be granted immunity from any further scrutiny. The following day after the innocuous idea for an anti-semitic resolution failed, she immediately began criticizing the party’s demigod, Obama, calling his Hope and Change mantra fraudulent.

The aborted attempt at a clear and unequivocal resolution was a perfect example of the destructive and pernicious nature of identity politics, that in the end is going to consume the Democratic Party.

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