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Mueller Finds No Collusion Nor Obstruction of Justice

Media’s attempt to remove Trump from office backfires, tainting forever its credibility

After two years of breathless anticipation by the mainstream media, marked by innuendo, rank speculation, retractions of stories that were demonstrably false, and perennial displays of Trump Derangement syndrome, the entire Trump/Russia collusion narrative, advanced with tenacity by the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex, ended with a great thud.

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday. Some of the most significant findings are that there will be no further indictments; that there was no evidence of conspiracy to collude with Russian officials — None. This comes as a major embarrassment to the mainstream media who had repeatedly asserted over the past two years, that Trump would be frog-marched from the Oval Office in chains or he was certain to be impeached. These were typical comments made by left-wing commentators and liberal anchors. CNN was the most irresponsible and reckless of all the cable media outlets with its “Breaking News” moniker, endlessly broadcast with anonymous “sources” that claimed they had irrefutable evidence of Trump speaking with Russians before and after the election. Those journalists not afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome would have instantly realized the stories strained credulity and were patently false. CNN reporters and anchors nonetheless accepted these stories without skepticism.

On Twitter, Glenn Greenwald, eviscerated the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex’s refusal to abide by even the most rudimentary journalists standards during the past two years and instead accepted all the fulminating bull that has been bountiful an hung heavy in the media’s myopic echo chamber.

Greenwald correctly notes that there will be no self-reflection nor introspection by the media, “Check every MSNBC personality, CNN law “expert,” liberal-centrist outlets and #Resistance scam artist and see if you see even an iota of self-reflection, humility or admission of massive error.” As I note in my book,

As if to anticipate Greenwald’s criticism, CNN media reporter, Brian Stetler, who, along with his employer is now a laughing-stock, makes the incredulous claim that the media is exculpable and did nothing wrong. Stetler asserts that , “The Press Is Just Following A Trail That Trump Created” and accordingly, was doing its job. As a justification for the overt bias and deceptive reporting in which the mainstream media continually engaged Stetler attempts to draw a specious and ridiculous distinction between reporting and “speculation,”

“I realize it can be hard to tune out all of the noise and just tune in to the news these days. If I had to pick speculation or solid reporting, I would pick solid reporting in a second. I bet you would too. Reporting is what adds the most value. Finding out something new, putting out new information into the world is the best feeling in journalism. It is the greatest value add. Hundreds of journalists have been trying to solve pieces of this Trump-Russia puzzle.”

So for Stetler, demonstrably false stories broadcast by CNN aren’t errors in judgment, but rather attempting to connect the dots in the Russian collusion narrative, But here’s the thing — Speculation actually has value too. It helps open our eyes and our minds to what’s possible.”

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