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How Pathetic the Anti-Trump Resistance Looks Now

After two years of non-stop vilification of president Trump and concerted attacks by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party, Special Counsel, Robert Mueller has definitively exonerated president Trump, stating unequivocally, that there was no collusion. The Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex has no shame and will engage in no introspection. It is amusing to go back to the formation of The “Resistance.” shortly after the election to see how ludicrous the posturing was by disaffected and inconsolable Hillary fans.

The reason the crescendo of opposition to Trump after the election was so deafening and incessant was that his winning the presidency rattled all the prominent institutions of liberalism: the media, the Washington political elite, the entertainment industry and left-wing fringe academics that were assuming an increasingly prominent role in the messaging for the Democratic Party. Each of these prongs of the liberal Democratic Party establishment, that had enjoyed unquestioned prominence under Obama, coalesced around one goal: the derailment of the Trump presidency.

The effort to drive Trump from office was implemented with an tenacity of purpose and fanatic zeal. As soon as Trump made it clear that he would not bow down nor cower before a political media that had been acclimated to decades of compliant Republicans, a veritable siege or bunker mentality was set in motion by the players who had long called the shots in the nation’s capitol. For the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex, the die was cast and the battle joined.

It should come as no surprise, that since Trump had been repeatedly compared to Hitler (yes, the madman who exterminated millions and had Buchenwald and Treblinka constructed), zany, left-wing academics, cable TV commentators and liberal pundits, in a profound and appalling demonstration of their historical ignorance, all began to use other WWII Nazi imagery, their favorite being to liken Trump’s addresses to his supporters as “Nuremberg” rallies.

In the hierarchy of the Resistance, anti-Trumpers were bestowed exalted status: they were the 21st century equivalent of the heroic French Resistance fighters planning underground raids on the occupation Trump Administration. At no other time in American History, have the politically vanquished, encouraged by the mainstream media, be-clowned themselves in such a manner.

After Hillary adroitly planted the seed for the Russian collusion story, her demented supporters latched on to this nascent narrative willingly stoked by the Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex.

The plan was to flaunt the explosive bombshell Russia collusion story, that over time, would remove Trump from office and vindicate Hillary and her media lackeys that her majesty did not in fact, lose the election, but rather it was stolen from her — making Trump’s presidency illegitimate.

The Russia/Trump myth started to gain legs after the election; with each passing day it gained further momentum. By the time of Trump’s inauguration, there were those calling for his impeachment.

It is indisputable that no other president in modern history had been the object of such antipathy from the press corps as Trump. The invective leveled at Trump from the media only worked to heighten the public’s awareness of their manifest bias. Victor Davis Hanson observed that Trump’s election, “has redefined the American media by stripping nearly all pretenses off its once carefully sculpted disinterested veneer. In other words, never before in American presidential history—not even during the dark days of Watergate—have the media so despised a sitting president.”

The formation of the Resistance was indicative of the fact that the Democrats and their media allies genuinely believed that Trump represented an “occupation” Administration that needed to be harassed by underground methods. Partisan tactics would take the form of bureaucratic civil disobedience (e.g., Sally Yates’ feigned moral stance on refusing to implement Trump’s lawful travel ban order) or through open and persistent press attacks on the legitimacy of his presidency, much in the same way the French viewed the Germans as unwanted, illicit and oppressive occupiers.

Trump’s antagonists in the media viewed him as nothing more than a 21st century version of Marshal Petain, the head of the much-loathed Vichy government.

The entire “Resistance” movement evoked ridiculous images of beltway political journalists, disaffected Hillary supporters and anti-Trump Republicans all adorned with black berets, crouched over a table in the basement of a farmhouse in Northern France; Sten guns at the ready, chain-smoking Gauloises, listening intently to the evening BBC shortwave broadcast for a coded message signaling the allied invasion on the coast of Normandy Mar-a-Lago was imminent.

Vive La France!! Vive La Resistance!

No other president in the history of the Republic has had to endure such patent nonsense, not even the much-reviled Richard Nixon. History will record these pathetic media-enabled “Resistance” antics during the immediate post-election period as an exercise in monumental silliness.

The passage above, is an excerpt from my book, The Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex, that describes the formation of the Resistance

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