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Why anti-Trump Journalists Will Never Apologize For Their Erroneous Reporting On Russia Gate

When Trump beat Hillary, the mainstream media was furious that Trump had bent the progressive “arc of history,” in a direction that was incompatible with the demands of identity politics

For the past two years, the mainstream media has been its singularly obsessed  with using speculative reporting and anonymous sourcing to buttress a Russian collusion narrative as a basis for driving the much-reviled Trump from office. In order to understand fully the post-Mueller Report psychosis currently gripping Resistance journalists and their refusal to engage in any introspection concerning their demonstrably false reporting, one must first appreciate the enormous effect Trump’s upset victory had on the mindset of political journalists. For the media, Trump’s electoral triumph wasn’t merely the disappointment that ordinarily follows when one’s candidate of choice fails to win. It was a seismic event, not only unparalleled in recent American political history, but also, unrivaled in the impact it had on journalists, especially “objective” reporters, who had prostrated themselves before Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

Trump’s interfering, or bending the progressive identity politics arc of history in an impermissible direction, was the single most important factor that spurred the tsunami of media criticism and outrage. Every other unflattering characteristic of Trump, every one of his foibles, all, were in the end, irrelevant and purely incidental, as an incitement for the mainstream media’s bitterness.

Trump didn’t just defeat Hillary, he obstructed the predestined dialectical forces of progressivism. After the epic ascension of Obama, the nation’s first black president, history decreed this was to be followed by the inexorable election of the First.Woman. President.

Many left-leaning publications could not understand why all Americans didn’t embrace this implacable march of history. Brittany M. Hughes, writing in the Media Research Center, explained this none-of-my-friends-voted-for-Trump myopia,

“The front page of the left-leaning Huffington Post didn’t shy away from what its publishers thought about Tuesday’s election. Stark, bold letters emblazoned on HuffPo’s homepage screamed, “Mourning in America: NIGHTMARE: Prez Trump… America Elected A Man Who Said ‘Grab Them By The Puy’ Over The First Female President… Party Ends In Tears…” Poor HuffPo seemed downright stunned that any voter would choose Trump over Clinton and her “history-making story arc.”

There were many other twisted identity politics responses to Trump’s victory on the part of left-wing publications,“Over at Mother Jones, writers seemed flabbergasted that anyone would vote for a man over a woman and deny females a chance to make history, touting an editorial entitled “Hate Trumps History: A Reality TV Star Wins the White House in a Broken America.”

Thus, for the political media elite, the greatest infraction for which Trump must atone was derailing the gender-centric candidacy of the first woman president. Nothing else Trump did or said throughout the campaign or on election night warranted the obloquy of the press corps as much as this unforgivable sin. Journalists would make certain that Trump’s malfeasance did not go unpunished. The media was intent on exacting its pound of flesh from this interloper.

Since beating Hillary was a grievous offense, not only would journalists and cable TV commentators berate the man who had vanquished Hillary, but also, those voters who were responsible for putting the gate-crasher in the Oval Office became the object of the slander campaign in which the media dutifully engaged.

A condescending Christiane Amanpour, was saddened to learn of the unwashed masses unenlightened decision to vote for Trump. How could those who voted for Trump be so ignorant as not to see the only choice was Hillary?,

“So yes, like so many around the world, I was shocked — very few ever imagined that so many Americans conducting their sacred duty in the sanctity of the voting booth, with their secret ballot, would be angry enough to ignore the wholesale vulgarity of language, the sexual predatory behavior, the deep misogyny, the bigoted and insulting view.”

The media utterly failed to convince long-term Democrats and former Obama voters in the heartland to vote for Hillary. Now, those redneck know-nothings would be taught a lesson. After all, as MSNBC morning host Mika Bresinski noted, it is “our job,” not Trump’s, to “control exactly what people think.” In the end, the only people who listened to the pleas of journalists not to vote for Donald Trump, were other mainstream media journalists.

Trump’s resounding victory demonstrated definitively, the impotence of the political media in terms of changing voters preferences. Those days are over and the mainstream media is reacting with fury to their inability to shape public opinion in the “right direction.”

The political media’s Trump campaign strategy backfired, causing even more delirium after Trump’s victory, because of the realization that in the end, they had been duped. The free air time strategy of the mainstream media made sense during the primaries, because Trump was going to lose, so the media didn’t need to worry about inadvertently assisting his campaign. Besides, the traveling Trump show was good for ratings.

But, when he actually WON, all their plans were for naught and they came to the stark realization that it was Trump who had played them for fools, not vice versa. The media’s free air time strategy had ignominiously backfired.

And, the blunder cost them dearly. As Jay Caruso of Red State noted at the time, “The figure given is Trump was given about $2 billion in free advertising. It was only until Trump got the nomination that the media realized, “Oh crap. Look what we helped do!” Suddenly, speaking truth to power was important.”

The candidate who journalists jokingly treated as a novelty item and circus clown had turned the tables on complacent members of the media. Their arrogance, made them certain they had made Trump a target, when in fact, it was he, who had long ago during the primaries, put a bullseye on their backs.

Trump’s victory also induced a collective state of stupefaction among members of the media because their predictions and expectations were so thoroughly flawed.

Yet, instead of providing the occasion for introspection and an honest assessment of the reasons why the smartest woman in the world was bested by a political neophyte, the media and Hillary supporters instead exploded into public expressions of convulsions.

The amount that was at stake for servile members of the media in a second Clinton presidency was enormous. Loyal and sycophantic “reporters” such as Amy Chozick would be handsomely rewarded in a Hillary Clinton Administration with access to the president (an occasion, above all else, for more fawning interviews) and exclusive stories. For members of the media these would be career boosters.

After Trump’s upset victory, imagine the horror and shock visited upon senior media officials, reporters and craven journalists who had shamelessly consorted with the Clinton campaign, as though Hillary was a sure thing. When the bomb exploded, there were no foxholes in which to hide.

The passage above, is an excerpt from my book, The Story of How Trump’s Politics Changed the Mainstream Media Democratic Party Complex and Why He Continues to Drive Them Mad

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