Southern Poverty Law Center: A Fraudulent and Deceptive Money Making Operation

Liberals finally coming around to admit what conservatives knew all along: the organization preys on rich liberals to cut them checks

Better late than never. That is the watch word for conservatives, as liberals belatedly come around to acknowledging what should have been self-evident for years. The recent adverse publicity the purported “civil rights” organization has suffered has put it under scrutiny. The SPLC, long a sacrosanct and beloved organization of progressives, despite its original mission as a civil rights group, has evolved into a shakedown operation that preys on liberal white guilt to fund the operation of the organization and help it accumulate a staggering amount of cash, some of which is stored in offshore accounts.

The long-term and successful modus operandi, of the organization is to declare certain associations or groups, as “hate” groups. The meaning of the amorphous term “hate” is solely and exclusively defined by the SPLC in order to bolster its massive, lucrative and heretofore unexamined and audited fund raising operations, which is the central purpose of the organization. Frequently, the targets of the SPLC have increasingly been Christian organizations and conservative associations that don’t toe the extreme progressive line or worldview. The SPLC uses its somber, largely fabricated and puffed up pronouncements on the danger posed by the designated hate group to solicit oodles of cash from large corporations such as Apple, only too eager to cut the SPLC  a large check their obligatory corporate virtue signaling. Apple Corporation, through which CEO Tim Cook used to shareholders money to cut a check for the organization.

Yes, the SPLC is located in the South, but that is the only descriptive letter in its acronym that can be characterized as true. It has nothing to do with poverty, and it’s only connection with the law, is that it now has the prominent distinction of being a named defendant in multiple lawsuits now brought with increasing frequency against it for defamation and slander.

It has defamed and slandered Christian religious organizations, conservative groups, Muslims and any other organization that don’t toe the hard left, progressive world-view. The SPLC’s hate map is an outright fraud, ‘designed to scare older liberals into writing checks,’ as Nathan J. Robinson, a writer for Current Affairs magazine recently noted. As reported by Hot Air, the recent resignations of top officials at the SPLC is only the tip of the iceberg. The problem is the end product of the organization, which amounts to little more than an exercise in slandering well-established groups that don’t subscribe to the licentiousness and moral/cultural code of the extreme left. In order to continue to function with a patina of legitiamacy, the SPLC has no choice but to whip up paranoia among high-minded and sanctimonious liberals, who can then demonstrate their moral superiority in the crusade against “hate,” by cutting the SPLC large checks. The bottom line, is that given the groups massive endowment, donors certainly aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Robinson agrees the organization is a scam operation perpetrating a fraud on the public and rich benefactors,

“This whole SPLC set-up strikes me as fraudulent in the extreme. I don’t know how else to describe it. They have a team of people investigating these groups. They have to know that they’re inflating the danger. They know that when they report “over 1,000” hate groups in America, they’ve deliberately excluded membership numbers in order to sound as scary as possible.

Robinson then exposes the deceptive nature of their business pratices.

“They’re perpetrating a deception, because they don’t want you to know that groups like the “Asatru Folk Assembly” are no political threat. The SPLC has continuously sent out terrifying lies to make old people part with their money. They’ve become fantastically wealthy from telling people that individual kooks in Kennesaw are “hate groups” on the march. And they’ve done far less with the money they receive than any other comparable civil rights group will do. To me, this is a scam bordering on criminal mail fraud.”

Those are harsh words and a remarkable admission, in light of the fact that Robinson is a card-carrying liberal. Although Robinson may feel like he has experienced a Road to Damascus moment, this flimflam has been ongoing for over a decade. While Robinson should be commended for leaving the liberal echo chamber, when it comes to exposing the SPLC, he is clerlay late to the party.

It is long past time, to put this scam operation out to pasture.

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