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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Continues To Misinform Her Audience

Her high ratings were based entirely on peddling the collusion conspiracy. Why stop now?

Now that the air has been let out of the Russian Collusion balloon, how is prime time cable star going to retain her audience of brain-dead conspiratorial progressives? The only answer for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, appears to be to continue to beat a dead horse into the ground, even if that entails your own network correcting your intentional misrepresentations live on air.

Maddow had garnered some of cable TV’s highest ratings, by milking the Trump/Russia conspiracy angle for the past two years. Such talk delighted and enraptured her captive audience. but when you live by the collusion sword, you

The picture above is Maddow from her show last Friday night asking why Attorney General William Barr is working through the Mueller report himself while a chyron below her reads, “Barr: Special Counsel is Assisting with Redactions.”

Ouch. Such ignominy the cable queen of prime time must now endure is all self-inflicted.

As Rich Lowry notes in the New York Post, “For the past two years, Rachel Maddow has been a hero of her own spy thriller.” Maddow not only breathlessly assumed what she was trying to prove (collusion), the unfolding evidence revealed by Mueller’s probe that trickled out bit by bit, was indisputably inconsistent with Trump’s conspiring with Russian officials to throw the election. Lowry notes that Maddow, “covered the story with a consistent breathlessness. She took evident pleasure over even minor jail sentences for minor players. No proceeding related to the probe was too small for her long, involved explications.” Lowry further adds that the principal reason Maddow’s on-air stupefaction upon learning the no-collusion news was that, “Few invested more in the Russia probe, night after night, monologue after monologue, with an ever- building sense of anticipation.” Maddow’s gross misrepresentations justifiably earned her the top spot in the New York Post’s “Mueller Madness Bracket.”

Maddow’s deliberate misstating the facts and inductive connect-the-dots leaps about the investigation, only heightened her audience’s disappointment when the collusion narrative collapsed before her very eyes, bringing her to near tears.

The moral of the story for Maddow and other connect-the-dot reporters? Live by the Russian Collusion sword, die by the Russian sword.

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