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The Mueller Report Sounds the Death Knell For Russian Collusion Narrative

What news will the mainstream media now lead with at the top of every hour?

Breaking News!!!!!

CNN anchors, pundits, commentators and Republican guests afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome are all on suicide watch. Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are said to be inconsolable.

Stay tuned for more “Breaking News” at the top of the hour…

After two years of obsession with derailing the Trump presidency with their obsession with the bogus charge that president Trump conspired with Russian officials to throw the election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report exploded the mainstream media’ s Trump will be charged anyway now narrative. The virulently anti-Trump’s media’s two year story line ended with a whimper and not a bang. Michael Goodwin describes how their already rock-bottom credibility has been further eroded,

“By abandoning their standards, Big Media got the biggest story wrong and misled their readers and viewers — yet refuse to admit it. They are the true

dead-enders, still searching for a thread to justify their jihad against Trump.”

Mueller’s report exonerated Trump completely of the ridiculous charge that in concert with Russian officials he conspired to derail the Clinton campaign.

Some pathetic and desperate Democrats and journalists claim that he was not exonerated because Mueller couldn’t prove he didn’t consort with Putin. In other wards, they want to posit a new legal standard, just because insufficient, if any, evidence couldn’t be marshaled to bring an indictment, Trump is not off the hook. I concur with Andy McCarthy, who dispels this perverse assertion,

“The most remarkable thing about special counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report is how blithely the prosecutor reversed the burden of proof on the issue of obstruction. “

McCarthy distinguishes between boorish and unflattering behavior with evidence of the crime of obstruction. How could Trump have intended to obstruct the investigation if he completely cooperated with the Special Counsel? McCarty notes,

To be sure, President Trump’s conduct outlined on this score isn’t flattering, to put it mildly. For example, the special counsel’s evidence includes indications that the president attempted to induce White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire the special counsel (in June 2017), and then (in January 2018) to deny that the president had made the request.”

It should be noted, that Hillary Clinton was the prime mover behind the Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the election, narrative — an indisputable fact that the in-the-tank for Hillary media blithely ignored. Michael Goodwin is current wisen he writes,

“So hide your head in shame, Hillary Clinton. You started the false charge of collusion because you couldn’t accept defeat, and now your name will be synonymous with the most destructive hoax in American history.”

The next chapter in this sordid and pernicious attempt to subvert the results of a democratic election will be criminal referrals for those in the FBI and the intelligence agencies who were eager participants in this bogus jihad against a duly elected president.

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