Attorney General Barr Intends To Investigate the Investigators

Those at the FBI and Intelligence Agencies who sought to overturn the results of the election, need to be held to account

In the words of the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin, “Get a good lawyer, Jim Comey. You, too, John Brennan and James Clapper.”

After spending two years hampering the ability of a democratically elected president to govern, by putting a cloud of unreasonable suspicion over his head, the Mueller Report finally landed with a great thud. There was no evidence that any America, least of all the president, acted in concert with or colluded with the Russians to throw the election to Trump.

Instead of admitting they may have been mistaken about the veracity or even the credibility of the unfounded allegations made against Trump, the seeds of which were deliberately planted by Hillary and her inner staff, in a post-election trauma session to deflect from the enormity of their stupidity, their unparalleled incompetence and Clinton’s toxic personality.

But, prior to spoon-feeding a compliant media, the Russian Collusion nonsense, the FBI and CIA consorted with the Obama Administration and the Clinton campaign to derail the Trump candidacy by concocting bogus allegations of Trump’s campaign actively engaged with the Russians for nefarious purposes. The justification for obtaining a FISA warrant for spying on Carter Page, was the trumped-up Steele Dossier, whose assertions strained ones credulity, but more importantly, that the dossier was funded in part, by Clinton campaign.

The FBI, knowingly based their application for a warrant predominantly on the Steele document but knowingly deceived the FISA court by not disclosing that the document was created and paid for by Trump’s political opponent. When Trump fired Comey, the former FBI director used his termination as the pretext for having a special counsel appointed — a decision with which Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein concurred. Thus began two years of a highly politicized investigation, based on a lie. Mueller staffed up his investigations with FBI personnel and lawyers who didn’t disguise their loathing for the president. Mueller, as a long-time friend and professional confidante of Comey’s was hopelessly conflicted from the start.

Now that the shoe will be on the other foot, let’s see how James Comey, Clapper and the execrable former CIA Director and known liar and dissembler, John Brennan start to modify their prior statements and testimony.

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