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Where is Mitt Romney’s Outrage Over the Barr Hearings?

His somnolence is why conservatives despise the establishment

On several occasions, both before, during and after the 2016 election, Mitt Romney has harshly criticized president Trump, using the most extreme language to excoriate the leader of his own party. Such disenchantment with a member of his own party, makes the mainstream media salivate with joy, as they use this rift in the party to justify their continuing campaign of misinformation and misrepresentation about the Russian collusion hoax and its recent offspring, the Trump-obstructed-justice narrative.

Romney may have legitimate grounds for calling out Trump’s unseemly behavior and poor morals. That is not what many find objectionable.

What makes Romney an object of derision within the party, is his mystifying unwillingness to criticize some of the most despicable and impolitic behavior by Democrats. There has been no paucity of instances from which to chose. Not only has Democrats’ conduct been abhorrent, but it continues to surpass previous instances of their malevolence, such as when Senator Mazzie Hirono called Attorney General Barr a liar. Does this vitriol incur even a modicum of discomfort for Romney? Given the frequency and severity of his attacks against Trump, all conservatives want is for Romney to demonstrate he is capable of returning the favor to the GOP’s political adversaries. What perplexes many conservatives, is that for Romney, this inexplicably is a bridge too far.

By his repeated vituperation of the leader of his party, whose moral failings are fair game for Romney’s disapprobation, he has established a standard of conduct or probity by which others should be judged. Because Romney has taken the lead and designated himself as a weather vane for ascertaining the moral failings of president Trump, it is now incumber upon him to call out Democrats when they descend to new depths of depravity.

Conservatives could forgive, or acknowledge the legitimacy of Romney’s constant criticisms were he to train his guns on some of the more despicable and dastardly acts in which Democrats engage with recurring frequency.

In the face of the calumnies directed at Attorney General Barr, and the slanderous remarks about his character made by high-ranking Democrats, by his silence, Romney indicts himself as a hypocrite and malcontent, who labors under the illusion, that should Trump lose the 2020 race (an outcome that Romney and other neverTrumpers are praying for), leadership of the party will revert to Old Guard Republicans such as himself.

Has Romney no sense of proportion to comprehend that if he criticizes Trump frequently, people will begin to question why he has remained silent in the face of so much Democratic perfidy.

The latest example of brazenness and chutzpah, is Hillary Clinton’s audacious lie that Trump would have been indicted for his alleged obstruction, for which Mueller could find not a scintilla of evidence. Given all that is known abut her chicanery, illegal conduct and mishandling of classified data, could not Romney, a Republican who has no compunction about railing against Trump’s moral failings, find even the most innocuous of rebukes for Clinton’s mendacity?

Romney’ somnolence in the face of Democrats abuse of power simply empowers the media to continue to browbeat Romney’s fellow Republican’s with impunity.

The fact that Romney fails to understand this Mainstream Media-Democratic Party-Complex dynamic and knowingly feeds this beast with his vicious attacks on Trump, is testament to his standing as the most colossal useful idiot in the Republican Party’s history.

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