Coastal Elites Winning the War Against Trump

Timothy Eagan Extols the West Coast Resistance

“The West Coast is crushing it against Trump.”

That is how New York Times columnist, Timothy Egan describes the many successes of the West Coast Resistance, whose valiant efforts are putting a halt to the tyrant Trump’s agenda. Eagan celebrates the anti-Trump hysteria of the bicoastal elites as a precursor for turning the rest of the rest of the country into a province of California — which Eagan views as a progressive Nirvana.

For Egan, California is a model state, a template which the rest of the country will willingly adopt, once they view its manifest virtues during their many episodes of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The only impediment to imposing the rule of the bicoastal elites on the rest of the country, is Trump and racist supporters who are engaged in various and sundry ways in “hate.”

After reading Egan’s delusional description of California as a progressive utopia, one would be forgiven for asking, has he ever visited the state?

Here is the reality of Egan’s California nirvana:

Silicon Valley, has spawned the biggest oligarchs in the history of corporate America. The robber barons of yesteryear are lemonade stand operators by comparison. These social media companies have been engaged in a concerted attempt to suppress conservative views, which a knee-jerked Eagan characterizes as social media extremists and conspiracy theorists and “hate mongers.”

California no longer has a middle class, but is now increasingly divided between the ultra-rich and the very poor; the middle class has been driven out of the state. This state of affairs Eagan finds attractive?

Here is an example of one of the article’s many misrepresentations, where Egan celebrates the abuses of power by a rogue judiciary,

“Washington’s attorney general, Bob Ferguson, has filed 36 lawsuits against the Trump administration and has not lost a case. His first takedown of the tyrant halted, nationwide, the initial Muslim ban.”

Did anyone inform Egan that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld “hatemonger” Trump’s travel ban as constitutional and issued a strong rebuke in their decision to the very activist judges Eagan exalts?

The article is worth reading for its comic relief value, ‪ bur rarely has there appeared in print, a more monumental exercise in silliness.‬

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