Trump Gets Mexico’s attention

Threat of tariffs leads to a pledge from Mexican government to help curb out-of-control migration

Who dares, wins.

That is the motto of Britain’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) unit. President Trump took a page out of their book recently, with his audacious threat to impose tariffs on Mexico, unless they make an effort to curtail the unceasing flow of Central American caravans traveling northwards.

Both Republicans, and now even Democrats alike agree, that there is a crisis on the border. Non-stop busloads of migrants from Central America have streamed towards our border, thanks to our idiotic political asylum law and some equally idiotic recent federal court decisions, that have effectively tied the hands of the Trump Administration and have had the practical effect of pouring gasoline on the border crisis.

No Democrat or Republican has proposed any meaningful solution to to stem the tsunami of fraudulent political asylum seekers, crashing over our southern border. When Trump decided to take action by way of a tariff threat, Republican joined with Democrats, in denouncing his decision; indeed, many Republican were poised to defeat his proposed tariff.

Well, look what happened.

Yesterday Trump reached an accord with the Mexican government, who has now pledged to help stem the tide of “asylum” seekers that have been passing through Mexico with impunity.

If nothing else, Trump’s bold move will have broken the do-nothing stasis that has prevailed for far too long.

Democrats and Republicans have Trump to thank for taking a concrete step in trying to solve or mitigate an intractable condition.

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