Hey, Maybe Trump’s Tariff Battle With Mexico Worked

Some earlier critics of Trump’s tariff decision, now admit he was right

As I noted in an earlier post, when president Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico as an incentive to take concrete measures to stem the flow of Central American migrants passing through their country, Democrats and Republicans alike expressed outrage. Indeed, some Republicans promised to kill the measure in the Senate. When the accord with Mexico was reached, the media and Democrats (but, I repeat myself), were quick to pounce, characterizing the agreement as purely illusory as it failed to change the status quo.

Shortly after announcing the agreement, Mexico announced that it was sending its National Guard to its Southern border, to crackdown on the waves of illegal migrants headed for the U. S.

Trump gave Mexico 45 days to take meaningful measures to stem the caravans of illegal immigrants streaming towards f our Southern border. If no measurable progress has been achieved, the Trump Administration would seek a “safe third country,” agreement with Mexico which would keep political asylum seekers in Mexico.

The prospect of safer third country status, has spurred swift action by Mexico,

“We are not going to fail,” Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico’s foreign minister, told reporters this week.

The reality is that Trump’s decision has borne fruit rather quickly from a country that has looked the other way with a blithe indifference, as it gladly waved thousands of Central American migrants, who had crossed its border illegally, up north to the Gringos.

Mitch McConnell, who opposed the measure initially, had this to say,

“I think the cold, hard reality is, even though almost none of my members were enthusiastic about the prospect of tariffs, you have to give the president credit — it worked.”

McConnell further added,

“The president deserves applause — not condemnation — for the outcome, which has a good chance of solving this crisis at the border ,” McConnell said.during a recent interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“The president deserves applause — not condemnation — for the outcome, which has a good chance of solving this crisis at the border.”

By forcing Mexico to take steps to help curtail the nonstop tsunami of migrants to whom it has been giving safe passage for over a decade and holding its feet to the fire, Trump has accomplished more for border security in one week, than Congress has accomplished in the past thirty years.

Even The Washington Posthas begrudgingly conceded that Trump has made real progress,

” Mexico, threatened with tariffs by President Trump, agreed last week to contain the surge of migrants from Central America heading to the United States. But if the country cannot prove its ability to enforce its borders, it risks yet another diplomatic confrontation with its neighbor to the north. …”

The Post then notes how after decades of traveling through Mexico with ease, by securing easily-granted visas, migrants now sense that things have changed,

Those visas are intended for asylum seekers who are planning to stay in Mexico. But for many of the people lining up outside Mexico’s refugee agency here and sleeping outside, it is a document they plan to use to make the journey north to the United States.

“Here it doesn’t matter that my son is a U.S. citizen or that I have another son in New York,” Pacheco said. “They just tell us to wait.”

Periodically, Mexican officials emerged from the agency building to try to calm the crowd. But Pacheco and many others knew: Withholding those visas would help Mexico meet its 41-day deadline. Whispers of the U.S.-Mexico deal had spread among the crowd.

The bottom line? As one migrant interviewed by the Post observed, “What we’re hearing is that things have changed.

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