Don Lemon Says If You Don’t Think Migrant Parents Should Bring Their Kids Along, Your A Bad Person

Democrat-controlled media unabashedly advocates for open borders

The resident nitwit of CNN, brain-dead liberal Don Lemon, during a discussion of the border crisis, said that if you don’t support migrants bringing their kids along for the asylum ride from Central America — no matter how dangerous — then you ought to pray to God to soften your heart.

A migrant father and his daughter drowned recently while trying to wade to the U.S. side of the border. One might ask, given the indisputable fact that the journey from Central America is perilous, whose to blame when a child dies en route to the U.S. border? For Lemon, those who question the wisdom of the parent(s) are heartless. Naturally, for Lemon responsibility for the death of that migrant child, rests squarely on president Trump’s shoulders.

It should be noted, but will never be acknowledged on CNN, that migrant deaths occurred on a regular basis when Obama was president.

Lemon and other liberal’s outrage, obviously is selective. Trump has his hands tied. If he admits those who file asylum claims and releases them pending their future court date, most will never appear for their hearing, swelling the number of illegal immigrants in the country. This is why the U.S. has lost control of its border. Thanks to the idiotic asylum provisions, which Democrats have no intention of changing, there is the very real potential for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America being released into the country while await their political asylum hearing.

The only other option is the detainment facilities and/or having asylum seekers file their claims in Mexico. Every attempt Trump has made to cure the situation, has been met with resistance from the Democrats as well as a campaign of vitriol emanating against Trump or anyone else, who unlike Lemon, does’t believe in open borders.

Cable TV anchors like Lemon, as well as most Democrats, will take the wholly specious position they don’t believe in open borders, yet, due to their support for a current policy that grants asylum seekers the right to apply for political persecution status, the practical effect is the same.

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