Can Joe Biden Survive the Democratic Primaries?

A Poor debate performance and his gaffes on the trail , leave many wondering if he has the political savvy to remain in the lead


Shortly after Joe Biden entered the Democratic race, he catapulted to the number one position. He maintained his 30%+ lead for a while until his verbal gaffes put him on the defensive. HIs comments about cordiality with fellow Senators James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, both segregationists and both Democratscreated a period of phony outrage amongst his opponents, but nonetheless illustrated Biden’s propensity for sticking his foot in his mouth at the most inopportune of moments.

Among Democrats and political pundits, there seemed to be two schools of thought concerning Biden’s primary chances in a party that has moved decidedly to the Left. Some argued that even though Biden was an old white guy (currently anathema within the new identity politics Democratic Party), since this was an eject Trump at all costs election, even hard-left progressive Democratic primary voters would come to their senses and realize that the risk of nomination an AOC clone for the nomination would be too risky for the general election.

Others contend that every time the party plays it safe with a plain vanilla, dispassionate candidate, e.g., Kerry and Dukakis, they lose. In addition, the percentage of the party’s base that are women and minorities has been increasing steadily and they won’t go for an old establishment white male — especially since the most vocal faction of the party has consistent stigmatized white men in positions of political power as “supremacists.” Anyone remember the Kavanaugh hearings.

I’ve had mixed feelings on the matter. There is no doubt the Democratic Party has been moving leftward for the last decade. The question is whether they are lurching leftward right off the cliff.

I believe that many of the party’s elders sense that far too much attention has been paid to the young Turks of the party: Alexander Octavio-Cortez, Ilhan Oman and Ayana Pressley — the firebrand progressive I like to characterize as the “Clod Squad.” These three have garnered enormous publicity and have taken the fact that the mainstream media awaits at their beck and call, as license to throw bombs at the leadership every time they question the viability or wisdom of the latest dimwitted

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progressive policy schemes dreamed up by Octavio-Cortez and her sidekicks.

Even if party elders, like Pelosi, who has reprimanded the three freshmen congresswomen for their foolishness and impolitic behavior, prevail, Biden may be so damaged from the broadsides that will be unleashed against him by his nutty left-wing opponents, that he won’t possibly be able to compete against Trump in the general election. All the fervor and excitement in the party is from the left these days. Biden himself, seems to realize this every time he cravenly walks back one of his earlier proposals or tries to explain positions he held during his long tenure in the Senate. His servile apology before the toxic feminist wing of the party for affording Clarence Thomas the opportunity to defend himself at his confirmation hearing against the scurrilous charges leveled against him by Anita Hill, makes him look weak and unpresidential.

Finally, Biden did not distinguish himself with his lackluster performance at he last debate. Kamala Harris walked away the winner by executing a pre-planned attack on Biden’t prior position on busing — one that happens to be in line with the majority of Americans, including blacks. The fact that Biden was incapable of mounting a coherent and articulate defense of his position was indicative of one who lacks the stamina or wit to survive the primary season intact that gives one the impression that he can prevail in the fierce political combat against Trump.

Harris’ debate performance improved her standing by 8 points that brought her overall standing to 15%, while Biden lost 4 points dropping his support to 30% from 34%.

Biden’s performance has been erratic because he must serve two masters: a party that ideologically now must pay homage to AOC, and those Democrats from flyover country, whose allegiance to the party is slipping, but who must be courted if Democrats want to retake the presidency.

Harris’ attack weakened and diminished Biden considerably. The problem for Biden is that its early in the season he can count on being in everyone’s cross-hairs until the last primary, if he has the stamina to last that long.

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