Democrats Response to Republican Health Care Plan: People Will Die!

That didn’t take long. Only two weeks after GOP Representative Steve Scalise was almost murdered by a fanatical Bernie Sanders supporter, Democrats have renewed their irresponsible and hyperbolic political rhetoric. This time, it finds expression in the form of sanguinary, lurid and hysterical criticism of the Republicans proposed health care plan.

“Forget death panels, “Hillary Clinton tweeted. “If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.” Senator Elizabeth Warren said the tax cuts in the bill amount to “blood money.” Vox claims that 24, 000 people will die. Some of these people are the same who solemnly proclaimed after the attempted murder of some Congressional Republicans, that the vitriol incorporate in current political rhetoric should be toned down and that differences between the two parties should not be characterized in such apocalyptic terms. Meanwhile, Hollywood liberals continue to flirt with the idea about assassinating the president.

Will Democrats be successful in scaring people in to opposing he Republican health care plan? Perhaps, perhaps not. But, one thing is certain, the overwrought and endless cries of Racist, Misogynist, Islamophobe and Xenophobe, used by Democrats and their allies in the media to describe Trump’s astounding victory over Hillary Clinton, exposed the party as an institution that is now hopelessly afflicted with The Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome. The American people, once again, will simply tune out such nonsense.

Here is an amusing look at this monumental silliness from Reason:

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