More Thoughts On Pelosi, the Clod Squad and the Democratic Party

The party that weaponized the virus of identity politics Is now reaping what they have sown

Try as they may, to paper over the infighting within their caucus, there are real problems facing the Democratic party going forward. After the accusations of racism made against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, by squad cheerleader Alexandria Octavia-Cortez, the difficulty now facing the party, is that president Trump has successfully made the radical and dim witted socialist freshmen congresswomen, the face of the Democratic party.

For Democrats, matters are going to get far worse before they get better. Trump has brought to the fore the fraudulent basis of the entire race card ploy, played deftly against conservatives for years. And, there was no better way to drive this point home than to watch one Democrat accuse another of racism or insensitivity to women “of color,” solely based on the fact that they are “of color.”

For Democrats, no other causal connection ever needed to be made for stigmatizing a Republican as a racist, other than a mere policy difference against a person “of color.”

Progressives entire grievance-mongering identity politics house of cards crumbled after Octavia-Cortez leveled the charge against the leader of her own party. The Democrats now have a, “boy who cried racist” problem.

For Pelosi, there is no way to mitigate the damage

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the event has caused for her party. Members of the squad became overnight darlings of the media and will continue to get extensive coverage whenever they wish to command a microphone. There is nothing Pelosi can do to stop them.

She knows that if she is accused again by any one of the squad members of insufficient deference to their status as members of a protected class (like Jussie Smollett), they will open up the Pandora’s box of racial grievances. Only this time, instead of targeting Republicans, the baseless accusations and cries of “Racist!” will be aimed squarely at members of their own party. For Pelosi, who has increasingly been reduced to a figurehead within her own caucus, AOC and her radical cohorts leveraging their free publicity to great effect is an ominous sign for party unity.

Pelosi gave the squad members too much latitude to pursue their own foolhardy agendas — even when they clashed with her own pragmatic preferences. She now is having great difficulty keeping them on a leash.

When Ilhan Omar received no rebuke from the House for her repeated anti-Semitic remarks, but instead, received a ludicrous, watered-down resolution condemning “all hateful comments,” she knew she had just been given a get out of jail free card. She realized that she would now be immune from any criticism whatsoever, and those who dare to challenge or reproach her, will be quickly dispatched to that special place in identity-politics hell, reserved for those accused, however unfairly, of racism.

The Democrats, by being overly solicitous to the “of color” squad, has let the race card grievance genie out of the bottle; he will not be so easily coaxed back in.

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