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Mueller Was Never In Charge Of the Russian Collusion Investigation

His testimony made it abundantly clear, that he handed the ball to his Pro-Hillary subordinates from the outset


The single most significant revelation to emerge from the testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, was that he was a mere bystander in the investigation he was charged with conducting. Mueller’s frequent stammering and in ability to answer basic questions otto the nature nd the manner in which the investigation was conducted , demonstrated he was a figurehead only.

It is clear that Mueller delegated the bulk of his prosecutorial and fact finding activities to attorneys who were Hillary Clinton supporters.

For two-years, the attorneys who worked on the investigation, did their best, by employing monstrous circumlocutions in legal reasoning and fact finding, to try and remove Trump from office for his effrontery in denying the smartest woman in the world, her rightful crown as First. Woman. President.

As Michael Goodwin notes, Mueller handed the matter off to staff attorneys whose impartiality was tainted the moment they were hired,

“More likely, the 74-year old former FBI director was something of a figure-head for an investigation that was carried out by the team of zealots he ­assembled.

That is not an incidental issue. As Andy McCarthy at National Review has written, and as Trump has repeatedly charged, the prosecutors were ­primarily people who had donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats or who otherwise made known their support for her.”

Mueller’s testimony revealed that his staff didn’t pursue those individuals who paid for and used the fraudulent Steele dossier to foment the entire Russian collusion fantasy. This omission is simply astonishing.

Since we now know, by his disjointed and incredulous testimony, that Mueller was in absentia throughout the entire investigation. It should come as no surprise that the partisan lawyers on his staff were never going to examine the Fusion GPS/Steele dossier connection.

How many news outlets are going to pursue this “bombshell” (apologies to CNN), “Breaking News” (apologies, to CNN, again), story?

Perhaps CNN? Don Lemon can get the exclusive.

No mainstream media journalists are going to investigate this inexcusable failure on the part of pro-Hillary attorney’s to interview and question, those individuals involved through deceit and skullduggery to try and overturn the results of an election

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