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Boris Johnson, Brexit and Trump

Both symbolize a rejectiion of political and media elites

The rise to power of both president Trump and Britain’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, represent a repudiation of the ruling classes of both countries.

Johnson is loathed by the highbrow, multicultural London elites, because of his unwavering determination to carry out the wishes of the British voters who no longer wished to be a part of the EU. Johnson, and his fellow Brexiteers were savagely attacked by the Brisish media with the same ferocity as that visited upon Trump. Those who believed that the will of the voters in a democracy should be respected were derided by media and political elites as Neanderthals and racists, much in the same way as journalists depicted Trump and his supporters.

In both cases, there was never any serious attempt by elites in England or the U.S. to examine why the Brisitsh people voted to leave the EU and why voters in the U.S. elected Donald Trump. The reaction of the elites in both countries was the same: voters were backwards, ignorant, racist, Neaderthals, who don’t know what’s in their own self-interest and should have listened to their betters.

For elites in the United Kingdom, there is no difference between Hillary’s “deplorables” an those who voted for Brexit.

In his latest article in the Wall Street Journal, Gerard Baker notes the revulsion expressed by elites in both countries,

In London, Mr. Johnson’s elevation similarly left the dual armies of political opponents and mass media in thinly disguised anguish. While his enemies have been trying to remove Mr. Trump from office, in Mr. Johnson’s case they’ve been spending the same amount of time and energy trying to prevent him from entering it.

Since he led the successful campaign to take Britain out of the European Union in 2016, he has been the target of all those who want to undo the referendum result and restore the glorious status quo. He’s mostly avoided the quasi-legal tangle in which Mr. Trump has found himself, but the political hammering has been no less fierce.”

Trump derangement syndrome has crossed the Atlantic and been heartily embraced by British elites, who have exhibited the affliction by making Boris Johnson the object thier fury. The British press has run headlines about the coming post-Brexit apocalypse, similar to the manner in which the mainstream media painted a dark and foreboding picture of a racist America under Trump’s reign.

As Baker notes,

“This week, the loony quotient was way up there, with certain pundits and politicians ranting ever more loudly about the unfitness of the two men for office. “Boris Johnson Is How Britain Ends,” said an opinion piece in the New York Times, a news organization that has, by the way, been deep into Britain’s eschatology ever since the Brexit vote three years ago.”

Elites in both countries have demonstrated an utter inability to engage in a modicum of self-examination or introspection concerning the conditions that were responsible for the political ascension of both Trump and Johnson.

Baker astutely observes that the elites are too delirious to conduct such an inquiry,

“The problem is that what really animates so many of their more deranged enemies is an absolute refusal even to come to terms with the political context that produced the Trump-Boris condominium.”

For both Trump and Johnson, given the extent of the clamor and over-the-top derision directed against them, it is their enemies, ironically who are turning out to be their best friends .

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