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More Disturbing Mental Lapses from Joe Biden

A question For those who claim Trump is losing his mind, what about Joe Biden?

It’s de rigeur among liberal commentators, to tie themselves in knots using pretzel logic, to insist that president Trump is surely losing his mind, while in the same breath, minimize Joe Biden’s ever-proliferating, mental lapses.

A good example of this transparent bias can be found in liberal New York Times columnist, David Brooks, when he makes a facile attempt at trying to make a distinction between president Trump’s gaffes and those of serial plagiarizer, crazy Uncle Joe Biden.

Here’s Brooks claiming one of the “key takeaways,” of the recent G7 conference, was the “psychological tumult” of Trump’s performance. It appears Brook’s wholly conclusory statement that Trump is losing his mind, is confined to one incident. Here is the smoking gun: “When he said his father was with

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born in Germany, when your father was born in the Bronx, that’s not something you normally get wrong.”

Now, compare Brook’s rather damning opinion about Trump’s mental fitness with how he dismisses indisputable evidence of Joe Biden’s lack of mental adroitness. Are Biden’s serial gaffes and abundant misstatements and his penchant for constructing fantasy an indication of an insalubrious cognitive condition? Not for Brooks,

“I mean, Biden may be aging, and maybe that’s an issue. I think it is a legitimate issue for voters to think about. But he is not mendacious, he is not irresponsible. He may embellish a story to improve its dramatic effect. And he may be forgetting things.”

Brooks then digs his rhetorical hole deeper when he gives Biden that benefit of the doubt, but not Trump,

“Our memories are just much more fallible than we think. Every memory expert will tell you that. And when you’re on the campaign trail doing thousands of events traveling everywhere, things get jostled in your mind.”

Let’s fast forward to Joe Biden’s recent comments claiming he didn’t support the 2004 Iraq War, when every sentient being on the planet knows this statement is demonstrably false.

David Brooks, call your office, readers would like to know whether Biden’s outright lie, when he knows he is on record for supporting the war, is “not something that you normally get wrong.” Since he likes to provide psychiatric assessments of Trump, while disingenuously claiming he isn’t, I think Brooks needs to update his prognosis of Biden’s mental health.

Remember that Brooks is one of the commentators, who in 2008, believed that one of the attributes that made Obama uniquely qualified for the presidency was the sharpness of the crease in his pants. So much for enlightened opinion. When it comes to comparisons between the mental agility of Trump versus the clearly deteriorating cognitive condition of Biden, we can put Brook’s opinion in the no-credibility bin.

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