Democrats Impeachment Theater Of the Absurd Continues

In their quest to overturn the 2016 election, left-wing zealots have trashed all the rules of civility that bind the body-politic

Michael Goodwin the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist at the the New York Post, wrote a scathing article on Saturday, excoriating the Democrats for their latest attempt at orvertuning the 2016 election. Goodwin finds the subterfuge and chicanery employed by the Democrats, most notably by the execrable Representative Adam Schiff, pronouncing president Trump guilty of impeachable offenses before holding a single hearing — a travesty of unheralded historical proportions that has warped beyond repair the body politic.

Goodwin properly notes that the Mueller Report, or more accurately, the Weissman Report’s finding no Russian collusion on Trump’s part should have ended the matter, but alas,

”The dirty tricks in 2016, the flames of treason fanned by Hillary Clinton and top members of the Obama administration, the wild media scoops and whispered accusations — all of it had been considered and found to have no merit. The Russia, Russia, Russia charge was false and it was time to move on.

”Instead, the left immediately began searching for another silver bullet. One way or another, they would bring down Donald Trump.

Thus was born Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. In an instant replay, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff again declared the president guilty of impeachable ­offenses before they held a single hearing.”

The sham of impeachment is just another attempt in the Democratic Party’s arsenal to drive Trump from office. Democrats and their obedient servants in the mainstream media, considered Trump an illegitimate president, a reality TV star whose victory upended history and vanquished the women for whom the election was but a mere formality, for her predestined and inexorable rendezvous with history.

For his audacity in upending the inviolable political order, Trump would be made to atone. The assault on his presidency began the moment he was elected and has continued unabated for more than two years. No president in the history of our Republic has been forced to endure such a cacophony of bad press and scheming by his political adversaries.

The media, yet again, led the Get Trump charge. As Goodwin correctly notes,

The media, too, jumped on the Ukraine bandwagon, giddy with certainty that this time, they’ll get the president they hate.

To hear the fulminations, impeachment won’t be enough. Only a public hanging will satisfy their bloodlust.

There is no way to know how or when this madness ends. Only one thing is certain: it won’t end well.”

The original whistleblower, we have learned, worked for Joe Biden when he was Vice-president. The whistleblower also, met with Adam Schiff, prior to disclosing his allegations contained in his Complaint, which reads like a legal brief, because he received ample assistance from Democratic Party lawyers and staff from Schiff’s office. He now wants to supply written testimony, instead of appearing before the committee, where he would be subject to cross-examination.

Undoubtedly, more such procedural nonsense will follow and the silliness of the Democrats impeachment charges will become more apparent with each passing day.

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