Lebron James Bows Before His Chinese Overlords

Servile press conference in China was nauseating and showed his true colors as a money-grubbing multimillionaire NBA star

Lebron who?

Hopefully, people won’t forget his craven behavior expressed during his Monday night press conference. James criticized Houston Rockets coach Daryl Morey for the trouble and inconvenience he has caused poor LeBron and the Fortune 500 aspiring NBA, Inc. You see, Morey’s Tweet in support of the Hong Kong protesters almost jeopardized NBA, Inc.’s bottom line, due to its lucrative expansion of its sports franchise in China. Dan Wolke, in USA Today, mercilessly mocks poor LeBron’s tender sensibilities,

“It must have been a real inconvenience to take that 13-hour chartered flight to China last week and hang around a luxury hotel in Shanghai for five days while promotional appearances got canceled. Surely it was awful to be in the middle of an international firestorm where the stakes were so high: Would preseason NBA games be played or not?”

The support for the Hong Kong residents, drew a sharp rebuke from Chinese Communist authorities, who threaten to cancel the exhibition games unless the American athletes perform the mandatory and ritual, “Sorry China,” apology always demanded by Beijing as a precondition for doing business in the country.

Just ask any American corporation to explain the price for doing business in China. In exchange for increasing their revenue, America businesses have been forced to transfer their technology and know-how, trade secrets and other intellectual property to their Chinese business partners. American companies have willingly helped give the technology keys of the kingdom to China, who copy the transferred or stolen technology and produce products that couldn’t have been made without American technical superiority.

LeBron has no problem criticizing the president of the United States, and telling all of us that he has a duty to speak out with moral clarity on social justice issues . Yet, James’ supposed moral compass

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was missing, when he made a decision to forego speaking out against Chinese injustices, all in pursuit of the dollar sign.

Athletes like James, in my opinion, are overpaid and are nothing more than hired guns, who change allegiances with alacrity, when a fatter paycheck is offered. James played for numerous teams, Cleveland, Miami, Cleveland again, and now the Lakers. Why fans cheer him like he is a Demi-god, to me is a mystery.

The entire episode is a reflection of the extreme commercialization of professional sports and how far they have strayed from their earlier, original mission to provide sports entertainment for Americans. No one thought the NBA would seek to be an international corporation, fulfiling its never-ending quest for more and more money.

LeBron “I have to speak out against injustice,” James has been exposed as a patent fraud and hypocrite. The next time he, or any other athlete conducting business in China, drops on one knee, I hope fans give them a rousing and richly deserved chorus of Boos!!, or preferably, thumbs down, like the Roman emperors would do to the Gladiators in the Coliseum.

How much money does NBA, Inc. LeBron James, Stephen Curry and the rest of the exorbitant-salaried players need? over at Hot Air, Allahpundit clearly tells the sorry tale about LeBron’s shameful hypocrisy is now forever tainted and will never be held in high esteem after his servile groveling,

“He’s been bought. His domestic activism carries no risk of financial repercussions whereas activism that would irritate the Chinese government does. You’re left to wonder what James would say if the NFL’s accountant proved to him that social-justice protests during the national anthem really were hurting the league’s bottom line (which is quite plausible). If the imperative to speak out about “things that matter” ends the moment it costs you a buck to do so then LeBron should agree that those protests needed to be suppressed, irrespective of the justness of their cause.”

It is supremely ironic, that the entire NBA/China episode could have the potential to bring Democrats and Republicans together. The clamor that has ensued has been bipartisan, and in a peculiar way, has united the country. The fact that Republicans could agree with Democrats on this issue is a good indication of the level of indignation the incident has created.

When the Chinese move against the Hong Kong protesters, what will the sanctimonious LeBron James say then?

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