‘Hardball’ Host Chris Matthews Dumped by MSNBC

Long-Time Cable TV icon, fell prey to the very liberal ideology he long championed

Non-stop yammering Hardball host, Chris Matthews, was unceremoniously fired by MSNBC yesterday. Matthews was known for his obnoxious, machine-gun talking style, that frequently interrupted the attempts by his quests to answer his questions. which more often than not. More often than not, his guests, particularly conservatives, were reduced to fixtures during the show, while Matthews dominated the discussion, engaging in what amounted to a soliloquy. Trying to respond to the unrestrained Matthews, was an exercise in futility.

There is a delicious irony in Matthews firing. He was one of many cable TV hosts, who wore their liberalism on their sleeves, while never straying from the catechism of liberalism and more recently, the suffocating and unforgiving dictates of political correctness and identity politics.

Matthews delighted in poking fun at conservative Republicans for being too white and too backwards in their views on feminism and other causes celebrated by an unfettered progressive media. Matthews believed he could demean and demonize Republicans for engaging in what amounted to the very same conduct that formed the basis for his termination. He was engulfed by the flames of a strident #MeToo feminism, that tolerates no deviations from its fundamental precepts of White male privilege.

Matthews great shortcoming, was that he believed that because he was a dutiful progressive, he was exempt from the very standards established by liberals and by which all conservatives must be bound. Matthews was fond of poking fun of the unbridled “Whiteness” of the Republican Party, yet he had no problem with being one of the many Whites at MSNBC, that had few African-American or other minorities in positions comparable in statute to his own.

Additionally, Matthews was a political dinosaur: a Tip O’Neill New Deal Automaton. His political and cultural mores were out of step with the new progressive identity politics era, so focused on gender and skin color. He admitted, during his last broadcast, to making some rather backwards and crude remarks, lifted right off the set of Mad Men, to his female guests. Because he was an unspoken advocate of the political causes championed by progressives, Matthews, like his idol, JFK, thought he could get away with his offensive conduct with impunity.

In the end, Matthews was cashiered for his conduct, by the stern, and perpetually petulant commissars of political correctness.

Many conservatives are no doubt, enjoying immensely, this schadenfreude moment.

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