#MeToo, RIP

Fraudulent feminists have no shame

It’s great entertainment, watching post-Kavanaugh feminists, twisting themselves in knots, as they explain their shifting standards on sexual misconduct allegations. The universal proclamation, “Believe all women,” has now been supplanted cynically, by the expedient proposition: “Believe only those women, who can advance, or won’t impair, our political ideology.” One by one, the stalwart feminists who were ready to crucify Brett Kavanaugh, based on the wholly uncorroborated allegations of Christine Blasey Ford, are now suddenly of a different mind concerting the “Believe all women” standard of justice, which held that men accused of sexual misconduct, were guilty until proven innocent.

The tortured circumlocutions offered by women like, New York Times columnist, Michelle Goldberg, in support of their reasons why Tara Reade’s story, should not be afforded the same level of scrutiny and support as Blasey Ford’s, keep cascading from the mouths of fair-weather feminists. Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, explains that, not all sexual misconduct allegations are equal. Whitmer, in this regard is absolutely correct: allegations against Republican men are to be prosecuted with vigor, with no concern for due process, while those leveled against Democrats — especially those running for president — are to be given every benefit of the doubt.

If this double standard means throwing Tara Reade under the bus, so be it. It is a small price to pay for the larger ideological truth of insuring a Democrat occupies the White House. Indeed, one feminist author, Linda Hirshman, openly admits that she believes Reade, yet nonetheless, with a clear conscience, will vote for Biden. Her incoherent thesis? Reade needs to take one for the team, to insure that Orange Man, is not reelected.

Yet, feminist duplicity and hypocrisy predates the shifting moral principles laid bare in the Tara Reade case. Back when Bill Clinton was accused by a number of women of sexual misconduct and in one case of rape, feminists rushed to his defense, casting aspersions on some of his accusers like Paula Jones, who was characterized by Clinton hitman, James Carville, as trailer park trash. By looking the other way when Clinton was president, feminism at this point had already crossed the Rubicon. Tara Reade, was just another casualty in the political war, to insure the current policy of abortion on demand, remains unchanged.

Arwa Mahdawi, a columnist with , is one of the few honest feminists in a crowd of weasels, who not only sees the guile in the odious, elastic standards now applied, post-Kavanaugh, for sexual misconduct allegations,, but clearly understands the adverse ramifications for the #MeToo movement,

“Conservatives have rightly pointed out the difference in the way Democrats and the mainstream media treated the sexual assault allegations against supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh versus the allegations against Biden. There is arguably a lot more evidence supporting the allegations against Biden than there ever was against Kavanaugh, but there’s a hell of a lot less liberal outrage.

Mahdawi, sees the duplicitous conduct regarding Biden, as the kiss of death for the #MeToo movement,

“However, the way in which the Democratic party and liberals have rallied behind him is going to do a huge amount of damage to #MeToo. Alyssa Milano, the woman who helped mainstream #MeToo, choosing to believe Biden over Reade will be brought up every single time someone says “believe women”. The way in which liberals downplayed allegations against Biden will be used as ammunition every single time someone on the right is accused of sexual assault.”

As Brett Kavanaugh warned during his confirmation hearing lynching, the Democrats would rue the day, when they would be held to the very same noxious sexual misconduct standards that they themselves had created.

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