The MLB strikes out with its Georgia Boycott

League joins growing corporate members of the Progressive Cancel Culture Politburo

The MLB has succumbed to the same small group of activists that comprise the cancel culture mob of Progressivism. Last Thursday, egged on by President Biden, League president, Robert D. Manfred Jr., stated that the All Star Game would be moved from Atlanta as a symbol of protest against Georgia’s new voting integrity law. Manfred said, “Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.”

This high-minded and pious statement, is nothing more than a regurgitation of the specious claims made by demagogic Democrats, such as Stacey Abrahams, who has despicably characterized the new law as Jim Crow 2. There is simply no factual basis in support of the false claims made against Georgia’s new voting law; indeed, these misrepresentations are wholly unfounded.

The virtue signaling by the MLB, as well as Delta Air Lines, who recently jumped on the cancel culture bandwagon, demonstrates not only a profound ignorance of the provisions of the new law, but also raises an interesting question. As Karl Rove demonstrated, there are numerous other states, including President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, that have more onerous restrictions than the newly passed law in Georgia.

In a deliciously comical stunt, to call attention to the monumental silliness exhibited by Democrats’ opposition to the new law, Georgia state rep, Wes Cantrell, has proposed for enactment, a new law called “The President Joe Biden Jim Crow on Steroids Voting Act,” that would replace Georgia’s new law with Delaware’s voting law, with its much more stringent provisions.

Indeed, Biden is now engaged in a feeble attempt to distance himself from his ill-advised support for moving the game to another locale as a show of solidarity for those who oppose Georgia’s new voting law.

Will the MLB or Delta boycott Delaware or, perhaps, New York?

It’s manifestly clear, that neither the CEO of Delta, nor Manfred, bothered to actually read the new law. They were simply parroting the position of progressive activists.

Delta, the MLB and now Coke, have all joined mindlessly in solidarity, to support those who equate a law, similar and in many respects, less restrictive, than the the voting laws currently in effect in many other states.

As The Jim Crow 2 play, performed by shameless Democrats, continues to meet with disapproval of audiences nationwide, expect more blow back to follow. For their part, the corporate know-nothings, who supported the boycott, have shown that they are only too eager to become members in the Progressive Cancel Culture Politburo.

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