With Georgia Boycott, Democrats May Have Crossed the Rubicon

MLB’s mindless partisanship has caused an uproar among usually somnolent Republicans

There has been significant blowback from the decision of the MLB to move the All Star Game out of Atlanta, due to the league’s so-called principled opposition to Georgia’s new voting integrity law. I characterize the leagues position facetiously as “principled,” because it is becoming more apparent by the day, that the MLB despite its pious objections, didn’t even bother to read the actual legislation.

The Georgia boycott by the MLB, Delta Airlines and now Coke, may prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Many die-hard, longtime baseball fans, whose dedication to “America’s game,” may finally have grown weary of the politicization of every sport in America. If baseball fans believed the game was sacrosanct and thereby immune, from the tentacles of cancel culture, the MLB decision, sorely disabused them of this Pollyanish notion.

League president, Robert D. Manfred Jr., is just the latest member of what I call the “Progressive Politburo,” — cancel culture’s duly authorized political body — whose membership is comprised increasingly by Corporate elites.

Manfred’s decision was so fatuous, that even MLB’s rock-solid base of loyal fans may be throwing in the towel. Some, like Wall Street Journal columnist, Daniel Henninger, have said the unthinkable: boycott Major League Baseball. Henninger believes, as do many others, that liberals have become addicted to “political wokeness” and it is now time for an intervention. The growing calls for a boycott underscores, what may perhaps be the best defense against cancel culture: the tendency of the Left to overreach. All Leftist movements may begin with the most noble of intentions, whether this is Marxism’s “withering away of the state,” or the Democratic Party’s purported fealty to rooting out “racists,” which over the past decade, they seem to find under every rock. Yet, these “social justice” movements always end by eating their own, or engaging in tactics so extreme, that they lose public support.

The Georgia boycott, may just be the Left’s comeuppance on the limit of Americans to tolerate partisanship in every corner of their everyday lives.

Despite the pleas of the usual racialist demagogues, such as Stacey Abrahams, moving the All Star Game out of Atlanta is now blowing up in progressives” faces because of its unforeseen and unintended consequences.

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