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Georgia’s Dastardly New Poll Tax

President Biden and members of the media should be subject to a Jim Crow "literacy test"

A tsunami of stupidity and silliness is sweeping across the land. President Biden, the Democratic Party, and its most vocal “voter suppression” spokeswoman, Stacey Abrams, have all cast Georgia’s new voting integrity law, as the reincarnation of the historically odious Jim Crow regime.

For most fifth grade students, who were paying attention in their civics class, this comparison would induce side-splitting laughter. However, what is not so humorous, is that to its everlasting shame, the media hasn’t debunked and made those Democrats who have repeatedly made this comparison, the objects of derision and scorn.

Here’s what Democrats have been saying about Georgia’s legislation, recently signed into law by Governor Kemp:

At a press conference in late March, President Biden saw fit to characterize voting integrity provisions as, “un-American,” “sick,” and “pernicious.” And Biden’s description of Georgia’s voting law?: “This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” Never mind the Eagle, the only thing that has taken flight, is the president’s mental acuity. Indeed, as many have pointed out, Biden’s home state of Delaware has more stringent requirements than those imposed by Georgia’s voting law.

Other notable hyperbole coming from Democrats who seek to vilify the new law: Stacey Abrams and Atlanta protesters both labeled the Georgia law as “Jim Crow 2.0.” One party activist called it “Jim Crow with makeup and cologne.” Not to be outdone, another Democrat called it “Jim Crow in a suit and tie.”

One need not dive deep into the provisions of Georgia’s new voting law, to come to the ineluctable conclusion, that the Democrats have been engaging in hysterical fear-mongering. What evidence can one offer in support of this proposition?

Let’s consult our history books for a look at some of the _actual_ practices, enshrined in law, of the Jim Crow era. Here are some of the more prominent examples:

Poll Tax

One aspect of the reprehensible practices of Jim Crow was the imposition of a poll tax on all those who were eligible to vote. Naturally, many blacks in the South, due to their indigence, were unable to pay the tax, and were effectively disenfranchised.

 Literacy test

Another widely employed practice of Jim Crow, was the literacy test as a precondition for voting. Many poor whites and blacks during the Jim Crow era, couldn’t read nor write. If you couldn’t understand a passage that was read to you, you were not allowed to vote. Even though many blacks were capable of understanding what was read, white officials, nonetheless gave them a failing grade.

 Grandfather clause

Those who couldn’t read and owned no property, were nonetheless allowed to vote, if their fathers or grandfathers had voted before 1867. This provision obviously worked only for whites.

Does any sentient being believe that Stacey Abrams will need to dig into her purse for money to pay the new Georgia poll tax next time she votes? Ms. Abrams doesn’t believe it, which raises the question why is she making such reckless, preposterous and historically false claims?

The grotesque and wholly unsubstantiated comparison by prominent leaders of the Democratic Party of Georgia’s new law to the odious Jim Crow practices, indicates regrettably, that on many issues for Democrats, it’s always 1965 in Selma.

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