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CRT Critical Race Theory is Coming to Your School

It’s time for a national Keep Your Kids Home From School Day

There is a cancer coursing throug the veins of the country. It is the unabated scourge of Critical Race Theory, or CRT. It has moved precipitously, infecting many institutions in the country that have been debased by kowtowing to the demands of cancel culture.

Professional Sprots is now a hostage; Corporate America as well, now dances to the tune of cancel culture.
For the past twenty years, the nation’s colleges and universities, have long functioned as little more than North Vietnamese reeducation camps masquerading as institutions of higher learning.
Regrettably, any battle waged to save and resuscitate these bastions of mindless politically correct dogma back into citadels for critical thinking may already have been lost.

Now, ominously, Critical Race doctrine has seeped into our nation’s secondary schools — both public and private.In many schools districts nationwide, white students are forced to participate in a pernicious exercise in atonement for their “White Privilege.” Students in class are segregated by race. White students are then encouraged to acknowledge their privilege and its impact on African-Americans or other persons “of color.”
In some cases, students are told that their inveterate racism is due to “implicit bias.” In most school districts affected, participation is mandatory.

Those who dare question the wisdom of inculcating such dogma to minors, are stigmatized and punished. A Massachusetts High School football coach, who led his team to a state championship, was recently fired for his insolence in raising concerns about the wisdom of incorporating such instruction in his daughter’s Middle School Curriculum. There are similar CRT instances nationwide.

However, it is not too late to save our secondary schools. Indeed, there is renewed hope, as some parents and concerned citizens are now speaking out against this plague of educational insanity.

Bari Weiss, the exiled New York Times opinion writer, banished by the paper’s in-house progressive College of Cardinals, has taken refuge at substack. She recently published a letter from Andrew Gutmann, whose daughter has attended Brearley, a private all-girls school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Brearley costs $54,000 a year and prospective families apparently have to take a CRT, “anti-racism pledge” to be considered for admission. Gutmann recently pulled

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his daughter from Brearley and sent a letter to fellow parents castigating the school for segregating and attempting to shame white school students in class.

Gutmann realizes that this sordid exercise is simply another example of satiating the diversity beast’s need for instances of perpetual grievance.Gutmann’s letter acknowledges that implementation by school administrators at Brearley and other schools nationwide, of diversity propaganda, is increasingly being used to needlessly divide and balkanize the nation into splinters of grievance enclaves based on skin pigmentation.

The letter is significant, in that it could be a turning point in the disgust over CRT's racist exercise of segregating white students then forcing them, either explicitly or implicitly, to atone for their “White PRivilege.”In view of the letter, perhaps it may be a propitious moment to consider a protest response to incorrigible diversity school bureaucrats by way of a notiaonal “Keep your kid home from school day. A date could be set for May or early Jiune where parents express their disapprobation with the indoctrination process, by refusing to send their kids to school on the specified day.Some parents may choose not to participate, as is their right; and, no one should view them askance for their personal decision.

It is important to note however, that a majority or significant number of parents participating is not necessary to demonstrate and effectively publicize the solidarity of those who increasingly are coming to grips with the reality of the divisiveness and outright racism involved in these Caucasian-only exercises in self-abasement.If only a few parents participate, it will send a powerful message to school administrators, that parents will no longer tolerate their kids being forced by the proselytizers of CRT, to perform penitent acts of self-flagellation because of their race.

If a handful of far left-wing Twitter thugs, can extort concessions from corporate giants, imagine the impact a keep your kid home from school day would have on raising the nation’s consciousness to the dangers to our polity of the attempts to segregate and divide us all under the specious banner of diversity and equity.As Gutmann, so appropriately noted in his letter, silence by parents is no longer an option.

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