A Clueless George Bush Has Learned Nothing

His recent interviews are telling, for why the Old Guard GOP is dead and buried

Watching former president George Bush’s interviews with NBC’s Norah O’Donnell and the CBS Eventing news, one is reminded of Talleyrand’s famous dictum describing the return to post-Revolutionary France of the impenitent Bourbon Dynasty: “They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”

If anyone wants to know why Donald Trump captured the Republican Party nomination in 2016, much to the chagrin of the GOP Establishment, all they need do is review the comments Bush made during the course of these interviews.

Bush laments about what he calls the language against immigrants and how is has to stop. “It’s a beautiful country we have. And yet, it’s not beautiful when we condemn [and] call people names and scare people about immigration… It’s an easy issue to frighten some of the electorate.“His comments seem like a reprise from his statements made back in 2007, in connection with his Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal, which was wildly popular with Bush, as well as the Old Guard of GOP, including former Senator John McCain and other stalwarts of the corporate wing of the party, most notably the Chamber of Commerce.

Bush’s proposals were however, wildly unpopular with the rank and file voters of the Republican Party, who had watched since 1986, the party approve of continuing and unabated illegal immigration. Despite the promises made after the sweeping 1986 amnesty , voters were told that the party would now adopt a hard line against illegals, including beefed-up enforcement measures and border security. None of these promises came to pass.

The GOP did nothing since 1986 to stem the continued flow of illegal immigrants to the Southern border. Bush, made the same hollow promises about border enforcement that were made to GOP voters pending the 1986 amnesty. Republicans, realized that party elites had no interest in stemming the tide of illegal immigration.
For Bush to sound off again in 2021, intimating that those who are concerned about the unprecedented swarm of migrants on our Southern border are nativist is a testament to how tone-deaf he was back in 2007 and how clueless he remains in 2021.

For Bush to make these comments in the middle of one of the worst migrant crises on the Souther border, is incomprehensible. IN both interviews, Bush makes no distinction, as did Establishment Republicans before him, between “illegal immigrants,” and those immigrants who follow the legal procedure for entering the country.

One wonders, does Bush support open borders?

One of the reasons Geroger Bush’s brother Jeb, was beaten like a rented mule by Trump in the primaries, was precisely because of his view of illegal immigration. Jeb called the illegal crossing of the border by migrants, “An act of love.” This benign view was adopted previously by his brother, who, while he was president was fond of saying, that these immigrants, do the work, “Americans weren’t willing to do.”Bush and the other GOP supporters of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”O’Donnell, never once entertained the idea that unchecked illegal immigration was depressing the wages of American citizens — particularly minorities.

Bush’s interview exemplifies why he and the other party elders were put out to pasture by the GOP primary voters in 2016. During his discussion with Norah O’Donnell, Bush intimated that far too many current GOP voters are the victims of “misinformation”. Here, Bush tellingly provides one of the most significant reasons for the death-knell of the GOP Establishment: the ease with which party elites adopted the talking points of the Left. In his interview, Bush carries on this tradition by freely using the derogatory term “nativists”, one of the favorite buzz words of progressives used to denigrate those who don’t believe in open borders.

It is important ton note as well, that the “compassionate conservatism” party of Geroger Bush, whose demise he laments, is where the Lincoln Project grifters, like Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt thrived, despite milking the GOP Establishment with exorbitant consultant fees, then losing elections and in the process, castigating the conservative wing of the party as “crazies.”
As I noted in my book Election 2016,

What is astonishing, is that the Republican Party is known, above all else, as the party of business and home of successful entrepreneurs. How members of this elite business club could repeatedly shower astronomical sums and continue to employ the consultant gang that couldn’t shoot straight, time and again, is one of the most endearing mysteries of the GOP of the past thirty years. If the Republican Party were forced to compete in the private sector with the same business plan employed repeatedly by the RNC, they would sooner or later be forced to file for bankruptcy.

Furthermore, after the 2016 election, most of these “GOP”mercenaries, masquerading as expert consultants, such as Steve Schmidt, would accept lucrative MSNBC consulting gigs attacking president Trump and those who voted for him. This is a role at which Schmidt excelled in playing during the 2016 election,

To add insult to injury, not only did these consultants have dismal track records despite the obscene sums they are paid, but they seemed to consider it sport to attack and demean conservatives. No one excelled in this task of playing Quisling better than the execrable Steve Schmidt—architect of John McCain’s defeat in the 2008 election.

Is this the type of party Bush laments and wants to resuscitate?

Bush’s mainstream media appearances, also remind one of the utter failure of the GOP to stem the current tide of radicalism, assaulting some of the most fundamental and cherished principles on which our country was founded and on which its continuing prosperity depends.

The Republican Party of Geroger Bush, in part, bears some of the responsibility for the plague of political correctness and Critical Race Theory running amok and being forcibly imposed on the nation. The party of Geroger Bush, in conformity with the express wishes of the party’s corporate donor wing, capitulated to the Democrats on cultural as well as important policy issues. They then allowed far left Democrats and the media ( I repeat myself), to unilaterally define the political vocabulary, unchallenged, which they themselves, as useful idiots, inadvertently adopted, to the detriment of conservatism in the country.

The country is now witnessing the results of the decades-long appeasement by the old wing of the Bush Republican Party, to the ideas and phraseology of the Left. The very same political vocabulary, that underpins the tactics and virulent anti-democratic, anti-free speech ideology of progressives, that the Old Guard of the GOP ignored and dismissed as irrelevant and unimportant, is now coursing through the veins of the country with disastrous results.

Conservatives everywhere , interested in battling to preserve a culture of free speech, can thank Bush Republicanss for facilitating the progressive assault on civil society and the necessary cultural conditions in which cherished political virtue of free speech can only thrive.

An unrepentant and witless George Bush will continue to wax fondly for the good old days. But, as the interviews he granted amply demonstrate, he and his fellow travelers in the GOP, are now irrelevant, because they are ill-equipped — in today’s conservative-hostile political environment — to do battle with progressives desire to impose on the country, an environment of cultural and political Stalinism.

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