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Linda Thomas-Greenfield: Our CRT Ambassador to the UN

Our diplomat to the United Nations is stuck in Pre-Civil War America

Like her counterparts in academia and the Democratic Party, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden’s pick to be the country’s ambassador to the United Nations, is a card-carrying member of the Critical Race Theory School of American History. The woman who is supposed to represent our country before the UN in the best light possible, has made her position on the nation’s history clear, stating that, white supremacy is ‘weaved’ into America’s ‘founding documents’ because of the ‘original sin on slavery’.

One might disagree with her comments given at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, but nonetheless, give her the benefit of the doubt, given the forum at which her statements were made. The problem is, she far surpassed the unflattering remarks she made before Sharpton’s organization, in a speech she made to the UN. Speaking before the UN’s General Assembly, marking International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, read straight from the CRT gospel and presented the “systemic racism’s crowd stump speech.

Has there been any progress in mitigation racism in the U.S. since the post-Civil War era? Not according to Thomas-Greenfield, who claimed that there is “a direct line from slavery to lynchings to segregation to mass incarceration.” Our woman at the UN, continued by claiming that her country, uses the penal system to, “warehouse young black and brown men.” In short, unmitigated racism still rears its ugly head and is very much present in the country today.

For Linda Thomas-Greenfield, neither the Civil War, fought to end slavery, nor any Constitutional Amendments that followed, nor the Civil Rights Act of 1965, were of any consequence in U.S. history.

What a wonderful pick, or representative face to present to United Nations, home to some of the world’s biggest human rights violators on the planet. But our ambassador feels, we must atone for our own egregious human rights sins — the vestiges of which according to Thomas-Greenfield, continue to this day — before we can criticize other dictatorships and murderous regimes.

This is straight out of the Obama school of foreign policy that he enacted shortly after he was president, with his world-wide apology for America tour.

As Caroline Glick noted, “The most basic job of a diplomat—for any country—is to put a good face on his or her country before the nations of the world.” Given this self-evident proposition

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of diplomacy, Thomas-Greenfield’a condemnation of the very country she purports to represent, has to be one of the most bizarre presidential appointments in U.S. foreign policy history.

Yet, upon further examination, her appointment should come as no surprise, after Biden’s whirlwind implementation of his party’s hard-left progressive wing. Indeed, Biden has shown that he is a mere suit and time, a marionette, whose strings are being pulled by Barack and “I’m not proud of my country,” Michelle Obama.

The Democratic Party has put the divisive and demonstrably false strictures of Critical Race Theory front and center in its prominence in domestic policy preferences and in its foreign policy outlook. Anyone who has been paying attention for the past year, has realized that the Democrats have foisted upon an unsuspecting country a Weltanschauung, or world-view, that unapologetically embraces and seeks to implement the teachings of CRT, in every facet of American life. With the appointment of Thomas-Greenfield, it has now has seeped into the nation’s foreign policy and view on international relations.

Watching this pathetic charade of the country’s elites and President, castigating their own country before the world, must be a source of profound amusement for the Chinese. They clearly have enjoyed watching the Democrats attempt to Balkanize and divide the country. Thomas-Greenfield’s appointment, follows on the heels of the disastrous recent meeting between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Chinese counterparts, during which they humiliated our chief diplomat with a twenty minute tirade attacking the U.S., that visibly shook Blinken.

What is almost as disturbing as the Chinese verbal thrashing itself, is the fact that Blinken was surprised and taken aback by it. One must ask, on what planet does this man reside? After watching cities across the country burn all summer, with the tacit approval or encouragement of many Democratic Mayors, and their party’s leaders, did he think that our chief strategic and economic adversary on the international stage, wouldn’t seize a propitious opportunity to embarrass the U.S. before the world?

The next chapter in this sad saga of the Biden Administration, is going to be provocative Chinese moves against Taiwan. Ominously, the Biden Administration has demonstrated that it most likely will be ill-equipped to respond in a meaningful way.

For, who in the Democratic Party is concerned about the precarious position of our ally Taiwan, when they are preoccupied with inculcating the nation with its pre-Civil War sins and implementing as many demeaning acts of national self-abasement, in order to lay the country low.

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