Why is the Republican Party Paying liberal Frank Luntz?

Luntz's conflicts of interest disqualify him as a political consultant for the Republican Party

Tucker Carlson had an interesting opening monologue for his show recently that focused on the long-standing incestuous relationship between the Republican Party and its consultant class.

Carlson put under the spotlight, longtime Republican pollster, Frank Luntz, a member of the party’s consultant class and a man upon which the party relies in terms of its potential messaging and decision making. Luntz has been paid handsomely by the party for his advice that ostensibly reflects the views of Republican Party voters.

Carlson, asks the not unreasonable question, how reliable and accurate Luntz’s advice to the party can be, when he counts among his more prestigious and well-heeled clients, those corporations whose views on many issues are diametrically opposed to those of the rank and file of the Republican Party.

Carlson then lists a number of Luntz’s corporate clients, that include a who’s who of companies that have openly sided with the Democratic Party on a number of crucial issues that Republican voters consider anathema, such as Georgia’s recent voting integrity law and illegal immigration and open borders.

Luntz’s cozy and undisclosed conflicts of interest here are monumental and one wonders, how the leaders of the Republican Party can continue to lavish enormous sums on a man, who can’t possibly act in the best interests of the Republican Party when his views and those of his corporate clients are wholly at odds with the views of Republican Party voters,

The problem with Frank Luntz is that his views, his personal views are very different from those of your average Republican voter. Frank Luntz is a conventional liberal. His main clients are left-wing corporations like Google.

Carlson continues, by noting the vast gulf between Republican voters views of illegal immigration, which Luntz doesn’t distinguish with legal immigration — a talking point long-favored and utilized by the Democratic Party,

Frank Luntz’s view of immigration is very much like Google’s view of immigration. America needs a lot more immigration right away, and anyone who disagrees with that is a racist.

Now, rather than simply say that out loud, rather than make the case for his own opinions, Frank Luntz slyly dresses up his own personal opinions as social science. He’ll conduct something called a “focus group.” That’s a moderated conversation between several people that has in fact, no actual relevance to anything. It’s just random people yammering.

Carlson solves in part, the mystery of how the party’s elites could pay a man who counts among his most prominent and wealthy clients, large corporations that have declared war on the party and its voters,

So, why does Frank Luntz remain a fixture in Republican politics at a time when the companies he works for are opposed to the Republican Party, explicitly so? Well, in part because he is particularly close to the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy of California and has been since McCarthy entered politics.

In light of the fact that his close friend Frank Luntz is undermining the very party that McCarthy allegedly serves, one wonders if McCarty enjoys playing second fiddle to Nancy Pelosi.

The consultant class has had a long, illustrious and lucrative relationship with the Republican Party. Party elders have showered astronomical sums on these political mercenaries, time and again, while these political experts handed the party defeat after defeat. Long-time members of this pariah class include current Lincoln party grifters, Steve Schmidt and the execrable Rick Wilson.

McCarthy should explains forthwith, how it is that Luntz’s undeniable conflicts serve the best interest of the party.

Is Luntz the only political consultant available?

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