IG Report: Obama Lied About Hillary’s Private Email Server

Of all the bombshell disclosures contained in the IG report, perhaps the most salient fact to emerge and the one that easily answers the many questions as to why the conduct of the criminal investigation was rife with corruption and subterfuge, is the revelation that Obama lied about when he first knew about Hillary’s rogue server.

When asked during a 2015 CBS interviedw with Bil Plante when did he first learn about Hillary’s private email server, Obama lied brazenly  by claiming, “The same time everybody else learned it, through news reports.”

But, as John Kass notes writing in the Chicago Tribune, “But Obama did not learn about Clinton’s home-brew server like “everybody else.”

According to the inspector general’s report, Obama was in fact one of 13 top government officials communicating with Clinton on her private email server, even as Clinton’s server was targeted by foreign intelligence services.

The report also discloses that while Hillary clinton was abroad, she commmunicated with Obama through her proivate server and hostile foreign actors intercepted some of her communication s with the president of the unied states. The name “Obama” in the report was changed later to “seniour government official.”

Obama, along with his secretary of state’s manifiest disregad for security and the classified nature of the emails is another reason the Clinton email investigation was never goi8ng to get off the ground for the simple fact that any normal and competent inestigation would have revealed that Obama was a bald faced liar, it also would have shown his cavalier attitued towards national security.

Everything else that occurred that was done to derail the criminat investigation makes eminent sense in light of this one salient fact. There are certainly other reassons why the investigation was a deliberate sham, most notably, the irreparable damage it woulod havve done to Hllary’s campaign and the irreparale damage it would have done the the Democratic Party.

All of the shenaiggans and chicanery that occurred throughout the investigation; all the standard and customary legal and investigatory procedures that were abandoned in the name of saving the president and insuring Hillary’s election ow can be understood:The granting of immuity without any conditions in exchange; the failure to put Hillary under oath when she testified; the director of the FBI, James Comey, preparing his statement exonerating Hillary before he had even inerviewd her; permitting a potential wintess,likely co-conspirator and long-time Clinton confidante and “fixer”, and, allowing Cheryl Mills to remain in the room during Hillary’s questioning.In the purported role as her “attorney.”, when no such relatinoahip existed. The list goes on and on.

Preservation of his “legacy” was of paramount concern to Obama and if it meant overlooking the felonious conduct of Hillary Clinton, then so be it.

In short, Obama lied, the criminal investigatino died

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