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Steve Schmidt to Leave the Republican Party

Hurray! and Good Riddance.

The question one must ask about Schmidt’s departure is in what sense could he be considered a Republican during and after the election? He left the party a long time ago, or more accurately , the party changed and banished members of the consultant class who are nothing but pariahs. Steve Schmidt was the most virulent of the consultant’s to attack the conservative members of the party. He characterized members the rank and file as “crazy’s.”

For years, he was part of the tag team as a go-to guest on Chris Mathews MSNBC talk show wherein he would vilify voters of the party who defied the establishment, of which he is an exemplar, and voted for Trump.

Here is how I described the ineffectual, but highly compensated members of the corrupt consultant class in my book Election 2016.

Some of the most prominent members of the Old Guard are the consultant class, who for the past several election cycles maintained an incestuous and profitable relationship with the RNC. Win or lose, the same names would usually crop up: Mike Murphy; Steve Schmidt; Stuart Stevens; John Weaver and Rick Wilson. These political strategists all fed off the parasitic relationship with the party establishment. They repeatedly bilked the RNC and its donors —both large and small. They all sang the same old song. They could all be seen on the cable TV and Sunday morning talk show circuit, their appearances ostensibly booked due to their expertise, which was comical, given their dismal track record.

The track record of the consultant class pariahs was dreadful, yet the party continued to hire them. It was a unique and enviable employment relationship where the worse you performed the greater your job security and the more you were paid.

Schmidt is a despicable Quisling who no longer has a place in the party, however it evolves during the Trump Administration and thereafter.

Matthew Sheffield of Praxis exposed the dreadful record of Steve Schmidt,

Though he’s often portrayed as some sort of expert on television, Steve Schmidt isn’t exactly someone who’s gone from success to success. In 1998, he was the communications director for a botched campaign against California senator Barbara Boxer. One year later, he held the same position for the dull and uninspiring presidential campaign of Lamar Alexander. He managed to help Arnold Schwarzenegger win re-election as governor of California but then returned to his losing ways in 2008 as he helmed the daily operations for the failed John McCain presidential campaign where he recommended Sarah Palin as the vice presidential candidate and thereby removed the strongest reason to vote against Barack Obama, who was at the time a junior senator from Illinois who had been in office for only two years.

Yet, instead of working to overcome his mistake, Schmidt launched an unprofessional private smear campaign against Palin which harmed McCain even more by undercutting his judgment in the press. Schmidt’s catastrophic mismanagement of the McCain campaign seems not to have harmed his ability to continue getting work, something that surprised New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney who couldn’t help but note that he “stands as evidence that there may be little cost to being associated with a losing campaign and a disastrous political misjudgment.

No one in the party will miss Steve Schmidt. The Democratic Party will welcome him with open arms and while he continues to excoriate Trump and those who voted for him, he will be revered by party elites.

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