Democrats Continue to Walk off the Cliff on Immigration

The latest indication that the Democratic Party harbors extreme views about immigration, more particularly, immigration enforcement, comes from Zephyr Teachout, a candidate for Attorney General of New York and a law professor at Fordham.

In an incoherent article entitled, ICE is a tool of illegality. It must be abolished, Teachout, (remember, he is a professor of law), writes that,

“the United States is in a legal and moral emergency, and lawyers have a special responsibility to speak up. Lawyers, as the protectors of the rule of law, must demand the end of indefinite family detention centers, must insist that all children get guaranteed legal representation, and should join the growing movement to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice).”

Here is a question for our distinguished law professor, isn’t crossing the border illegally a crime? Or, does Teachout, like a growing number of liberals, believe, without any foundation in American jurisprudence, that migrants have a universal right to emigrate to the U.S.? Teachout, like so many other left-wing critics of Trump never address the question.

Teachout further inveighs against Trump, for enforcing the law through ICE, by calling such action, “a tool of unconstitutional illegal behavior.”

Did Teachout get the memo, that the U.S. Supreme Court just upheld Trump’s travel ban as constitutional.?

Teachout is an example of the madness of the left on immigration and how out of the mainstream their views are on illegal immigration with the rest of the country.

As Rich Lowry writes in the New York Post,

“the one thing the American people know about Donald Trump is that he believes we have a border and it should be enforced. About his opponents, they know no such thing — and how could they?”

Teachout perfectly illustrates the real position of liberals on illegal immigration: they don’t believe anyone who crosses the border without permission is committing a crime. For Democrats, migrants are entitled to remain in the U.S. and the country is obligated to pay for their care and well-being.

As Lowry further notes,

“At a time when Democrats should be cognizant of their vulnerabilities on immigration, many of them consider US immigration authorities the interlopers rather than illegal aliens.”

Do Democrats like Teachout, believe the American people share their open borders views? They are going down in flames next November if they let people like Teachout be their spokesman on illegal immigration.

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