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New York Times Adds Racist Sarah Jeong to its Editorial Board

The New York Times recently announced that it had hired Sarah Jeong, a journalist to complement its editorial board. Jeong previously wrote for the Verge. Shortly after she was hired however, it was discovered that Jeong has a copious and colorful history of vile racist comments against whites, most particularly white men. Here is a sampling of her views: “dumba fing white people,” musing about how much joy she gets “out of being cruel to old white men” and how “white men are bullsh.” For good measure she also compared white people to “groveling goblins” and questioned why they’re “genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun.”

You can find a listing of Jeong’s greatest hits: here.

Why the Times would give this angry woman a forum at the “newspaper of record”. Is one of the reasons conservatives dismiss the mainstream media as nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party. Her hire represents a classic example of one of the essential tenets of progressivism. Establish a standard, in this case former statements of conservatives that are sufficiently derogatory according to the catechism of liberalism to justify the individuals termination — no matter how sincere the apology.

But, if the same standards are not applied to progressives. Indeed, one of the cardinal principles of progressivism is they progressive are immune from the application of the very same standards they themselves have established for others. By definition, unless a standard is applied universally, it is no longer a standard, but rather a manifestation of partisan hackery.

Here is an eye opener for all white people, not some, but all, who think they aren’t racist and can never be absolved of racism, or, what is now commonly described in the fever swamps of the radical academic left as “white privilege.”

The Timed hired Jeong for her anticipated brilliance in addressing such momentous issues as: What would it be like if we all deleted Facebook? What does the future of online privacy look like?Why can’t the tech industry diversify? And, two of my favorites: Are monkeys allowed to sue over copyrights? And what in the world is #cockygate?

Another tweet reads, “oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get from being cruel to old white men.”

The Times hiring and defense of Jeong’s racist rants against white people finally clarifies that the entire fraudulent concepts of“diversity” and “inclusion” are nothing more buzzwords that gives those members of a “protected class” a license to vilify and discriminate against white men. Or as Seth Barron at City Journal accurately describes it as, “Get Whitey.” The intellectual giants who proselytize this giddy nonsense at our colleges and universities would argue that Jeong’s comments were not only appropriate, but justified.

The Times has defended its hiring of Jeong by claiming, without a shred of supporting evidence, that her comments were in response to being trolled online by malicious white men. The evidence that Jeong’s racist rants were the result of her being harassed? The Times says so, and for them, that’s all the evidence they need.

We are going to see more examples of this social theory in action, particularly in connection with the policy platform of the Democratic Party, which itself has now been overrun and held hostage by the radical and crazy left. Jeong’s views as well as all the zany social theories birthed by the academic left. now represents what has become the intellectual underpinnings of today’s Democratic Party.

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